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No,  I do not have a FB account and never have had one.


I somehow still manage to stay in touch with family in friends. Woman Wink

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When you are on Facebook, you just have to be more aware and choosy about who you allow to be friends. 

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@sea breeze  I kinda agree with you.  I think it's a place where a lot of people go to brag and boast about what they are doing or have.  I'm not interested in other's vacation pictures.  I mean, how much else can you say when they've posted picture after picture of "Having a great time with family and friends!" 


When FB first come on the scene, it took me a while to get into it and to understand it.  Those are the days when I was into all of the games on it, and that got overwhelming.  Then I discovered, you can make FB into whatever you want to use it for.  I don't use it to "stay in touch" or to share pictures.  I use it for current events and politics, and some volunteer groups I belong to.  It may take a while to tweak how you want your security and privacy settings, but once you do, you shouldn't have too much trouble.  Also, remember you can "unfollow" someone instead of "unfriending" them. 

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Minimal interest. I use it for birthday greetings but I rarely start anything.  Seems to take up a lot of people's time.

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@RubyinNE wrote:

When you are on Facebook, you just have to be more aware and choosy about who you allow to be friends. 

Yes.  All my privacy settings are set, and limited as to who I follow on my timeline so I don't have to weed thru trash.  This is how I keep up with all my animal loving friends.  It's also so convenient for messaging with them as well.  You are in control of what you want to do on FB.  It's a huge advantage when you need to visit other sites for important info, whether it be shopping or medical.  If you find FB a hassle, get someone to show you how to make it less so.  It's worth the effort.

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I have been able to run into so many former students I was very close too.  Lovew it!Smiley Happy


All of my privacy settings are set and no problems at all!

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@Tissyanne wrote:

When someone does not know how to control the settings, or no one to help them they probably would be better off to stay away. I turned off the notifications on my email, and do not receive anything from facebook there. I also have my settings set so no one can send me a friend request if they are not a friend of one of my friends. This keeps and prevents a lot of unnecessary requests. I would never accept a friend request from a stranger, and do not know why anyone would. When a friend posts too many silly things, I go to their page, and simply unfollow them. We remain friends on facebook, I just don't see the nonsense anymore. No need to block them. I taught myself about the settings, and did not spend much time doing so. I enjoy facebook, and have 42 friends. 

      This is how I use it.   I have unfollowed many people recently simply because I don't need to see/hear what they did, where they went etc.  I also started hiding all posts from people I don't know who make comments on my friends posts.   That has cut down on tons of stuff.  I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know. I read posts and hide or save them.   I also don't follow any businesses on FB but I can see the benefit of doing that and may start.   I like it much better since I implemented these changes.

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I do NOT maintain a Facebook Account.  I don't care for everyone knowing what I am doing 24/7.  I also have a concern with privacy issues (someone hacking in your account).  HeartCat Happy

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