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OK, so maybe I'm either I'm not savvy enough to navigate my privacy settings or my life is just not that interesting to have anything to post.


I did purchase a Facebook for Dummies book, but they keep having updates and changes that I can't keep up with. I started simply enough posting my list of friends and asking them to befriend me. Then I found myself friends of friends of their friends and their lives and posts. My inbox was full of posts from people I never heard of before. 


So, I gave it up. Now I'm finding w/o Facebook, there are many stores, host posts here, and vendors that can only be contacted through  Facebook.


Does everyone maintain a FB account?


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yes, i have had a personal and business accounts for probably about seven years now and do not have any problems.

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@Shanus ... I just dropped our Facebook account also. I wasn't really doing anything with it anyway, but there were a lot of people who I didn't know trying to befriend us and a lot of people we did know asking some very personal questions that we did not want broadcasted. We have an "alias" account that family can put photos on.

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I have an account because my kids are often posting pictures of the grandkids.    I have a few "friends" again, mostly relatives.    


I don't use it much.   I rarely post anything.   


What inbox are you talking about?



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Yes, I miss a lot of my DDs photos. But I have my own!


I used to post personal messages, like Happy Birthday to relatives, but it is just as easy, and I'd rather, to send them a text message.


It must be generational. I simply do not have a need to go to FB, though I still keep my own account open.

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both DH and I have Facebook accounts. My friend list is very small compared to DH...I have 166 friends, mostly family, childhood friends and close friends I have met along the way.

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No longer...

Thought of being watched by anyone disturbs me.


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I don't have one.  I know it's popular but it never appealed to me.  I email family/friends directly with messages or photos. 

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First, let me say that I'm just not into FB or all that social media stuff.  It's just not for me but I  do have a FB presence for the reasons you gave.  No one shows vacation pictures anymore or pictures of new babies or their new's all on FB now.  So, I needed it to keep in touch.  I think your problem is your privacy settings and that you might have "liked" certain pages or confiremed some "friend requests" and that opened the floodgates.  My daughter did "fix" some FB things for me and that helped a lot but I still get posts and advertisment for products and I don't know why.  But I'm not innundated by it anymore.  Ask someon younger or someone who is FB savvy for help.