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@SaRina wrote:

I think some people might be under the mis-impression that FB means you have to have social interaction. Not so. You can set up an account and be completely anonymous. I set up an account with an alias and no personal information so that I have access to sites, play internet games, and look people up if I so choose. If strangers appear on my page or request to "friend" me, I just ignore it. What's the big deal?




I do the same thing. I have a FB acct. with a fake name and 'throwaway' email with no personal info, that I use for the same reasons as you do.


No one has ever tried to 'friend' me as far as I know.

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I wouldn't be without Facebook!  My soon-to-be 82 year old mom is very active on it as well.

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I've been on FB since about 2009 ... never had a problem.   


I have no problem blocking people whose opinions I don't like, or who say things I find offensive.

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@shoptilyadropagain wrote:

I wouldn't be without Facebook!  My soon-to-be 82 year old mom is very active on it as well.



i got my mom on it also at the age of 76!

LOL, between that, online shopping,  and her spider solitaire i have to drag her away from the computer.

Smiley LOL

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I am not a fan but I do use it.  I play one game.  And I do communicate with people I know who  do not use the phone, email, etc.  Strange but if I want to make contact it has to be FACEBOOK. 

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You can adjust your setting so that NO ONE can even SEND you a friend request.


OP if you are getting tons of friend requests, you need to adjust your privacy settings so that no one can request you.

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Facebook is my Conduit of Information for my health.


I belong to several plant-based Facebook groups.

The main group has close to 20,000 people...all there to

support, educate & answer questions 24/7/365. 

Many plant based doctors are there online, answering questions,

volunteering their time, free of charge.


Wonderful to see so many people change their lives,

all due to the power of Facebook & social media.  

I've made so many good friends over Facebook.

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I quit Facebook several years ago.  No big thing - it just wasn't for me.


I think there are a lot of people who don't go through the settings and tighten up the privacy settings as much as possible.  Even so, however, it might not be the level of privacy with which some may feel comfortable.    I really didn't, but I mostly just quit it because, FOR ME, I didn't see the point.  Smiley Happy

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Have had a FB account for 9+ years. I do my thing, friends and family do theirs. I have my security settings where they need to be and where I want them.


My family's friends, and friends of friends, have never sought to be Friends with me, nor have they attempted to contact me outside of my FB feed - nor I them.


The two things I dislike, and which have lessened my use, are the fact that ads have quadrupled in the past 18 months, and the fact that Amazon increasingly insists you view things the way they think you should be viewing them vs the way you want to view them. Mess with my viewing/reading experience any more and you've taken away the reason I go there - to read what I have chosen to read.


But on the whole, I keep track of friends and family and what's going on locally, with FB.

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I have Facebook but have it set up for max privacy and I only have 7 people as friends (my sis and also some out of state relatives mostly to share photos).  If I get a friend request (a friend of one of my friends), I delete it.  


People may not post what they had for lunch/dinner but gee how many funny videos or "quotes" does one need to look at.(thats what my friends group mostly posts these days).. so I am not on my FB page often.  


I prefer Twitter where I have list of organized categories where I can see news on my fav sports teams, hobby/crafts/interests, columnists etc.  I dont even post many tweets or replies, use it for information.  I do not have a pininterest or instagram account. 

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