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No Facebook for me; I have absolutely no interest in communicating with anyone this way.  

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@sidsmom wrote:

Facebook is my Conduit of Information for my health.


I belong to several plant-based Facebook groups.

The main group has close to 20,000 people...all there to

support, educate & answer questions 24/7/365. 

Many plant based doctors are there online, answering questions,

volunteering their time, free of charge.


Wonderful to see so many people change their lives,

all due to the power of Facebook & social media.  

I've made so many good friends over Facebook.


Couldn't you do the same with forums? Many have private mail within the forum.

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No I don't have a FB account. I got rid of mine ~ 10 years ago and so glad I did!


Most of the businesses have public FB pages so you can view them without having an account. In all these years, I have never come across any business or person that could only be contacted through Facebook. 

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I use Facebook for several reasons.  

1.Safely & information-  Our town has a page where updates & useful announcements are made.  This page is also where local crime & suspicious activity is reported rather quickly.  

2. Family- We keep in touch with family from out of state.

3. Shopping- We get early notices of sales at the local places we like to shop or dine.

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I had Facebook delete my account - could care less.  Nobody's life I was really interested in keeping up with, and I'm sure my life isn't that exciting for anyone to care. 

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I have zero interest in having a Facebook account. I have enough to do already.

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My privacy settings are tight -- Friends only (people I've already accepted) - not open to public. I have no problem ignoring friend requests when I don't know people. It's a family and friends connection for me. Have recently made connections with high school and college friends. HOA group and city group on Facebook as well. My accepted list is quite manageable.

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When someone does not know how to control the settings, or no one to help them they probably would be better off to stay away. I turned off the notifications on my email, and do not receive anything from facebook there. I also have my settings set so no one can send me a friend request if they are not a friend of one of my friends. This keeps and prevents a lot of unnecessary requests. I would never accept a friend request from a stranger, and do not know why anyone would. When a friend posts too many silly things, I go to their page, and simply unfollow them. We remain friends on facebook, I just don't see the nonsense anymore. No need to block them. I taught myself about the settings, and did not spend much time doing so. I enjoy facebook, and have 42 friends. 

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@Shanus wrote:

OK, so maybe I'm either I'm not savvy enough to navigate my privacy settings or my life is just not that interesting to have anything to post.


I did purchase a Facebook for Dummies book, but they keep having updates and changes that I can't keep up with. I started simply enough posting my list of friends and asking them to befriend me. Then I found myself friends of friends of their friends and their lives and posts. My inbox was full of posts from people I never heard of before. 


So, I gave it up. Now I'm finding w/o Facebook, there are many stores, host posts here, and vendors that can only be contacted through  Facebook.


Does everyone maintain a FB account?


No and I have no plans to.

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I keep a Facebook account and check into every few days. I belong to a few skating related groups and recently a skating friend from 30 years ago found me.

I was just tickled as I had often wondered about her.


The flip side is that I was also once contacted by someone I had absolutely NO desire to ever encounter again!