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No point in even trying to reason, but

Better jobs, gig jobs with autonomy, and more. But keep believing that people are lazy and no good and stealing from you.
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My 18 yr. old daughter just got her 1st job. Filled out the on line application and the same day was hired. She works for a beauty store and gets paid $20/hr. She goes to school full time and pays no taxes. How can anyone NOT afford to work ?
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I think a lot of two income families have chosen to go to one. Letting strangers raise your babies while working to cover childcare costs and work expenses wasn't worth it. Couples got a chance to see life without two working parents.


An article I read last week explained there are believed to be approximately 4 million people missing from the work force who have long haul COVID.


The baby boomers are aging out and retiring. This is a larger than average age group. Staff are being promoted into their positions leaving a lot of vacancies at the entry level.


The list of factors is probably endless. What is causing a shortage of teachers is probably not the same as the one causing a shortage of service staff.

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I don't have an answer to the OP's query.  So what should be done to remedy the shortage of service workers?

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@Keybra Does she live with you, is she getting housing for free? Are you helping her in other ways? Is it a full time job with benefits? No need to answer, just food for thought.

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"Many of these jobs have increased pay and workers comp has expired so just what are they all doing now? "


Working from the comfort of their own home (telecommuting)?

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The unemployment rate in the US is currently hovering at 3.5%. Historically low. People have gone back to work. It is true that it's hard right now to fill part time jobs. I think part of the issue is those jobs used to be filled by employees who didn't need a full time job and during the pandemic older workers and teenagers just decided that didn't really need to work. Or perhaps they found something better. My grandkids took food service jobs over this past summer and were happy to be back in school! 

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There has been an increased need for food delivery and grocery delivery workers who can work their own hours - a lot or little.  Those I have talked to say they make way more money than retail and restaurant and fast food places that do not value employees.  Many had time during the pandemic to explore other options and take online courses.  A few I know have been able to start their own businesses after providing various handyman services while unemployed.  Child care is still an issue with so many child care places not reopening so what can you do if no child care?  


I have to add that the food places and businesses (in my area) who treat their employees well have not lost many workers and had no problems hiring a full staff!

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In my community, many older workers who retired from full time careers, took on part time jobs for extra cash and to have something to do. 

once Covid came on the scene, they decided it wasn't worth the risk, and they quit.  They won't be going back. 

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This topic should really be explored at length. It bears looking into.