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Re: It's National Nurses Week

@Porcelain my daughter is a nurse practitioner 


Thank you for your post...beautifully worded...

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Re: It's National Nurses Week

This is a job I'd be proud to say I know many people from.  My hats off to you all for doing a job that not many have the strength and fortitude for.  One of the best, hardest and unsung jobs in the world who little recognition.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Re: It's National Nurses Week

This is a pretty emotional subject for me.  In 1985 I was in a brutal car crash (struck by a drunk driver whose speedometer froze at 90MPH).  I have seconds-long memories of firemen cutting me out of the car, and then have been told  paramedics got me back to life twice before getting to the hospital.  ER got me back a third time and cleaned me up enough for ICU.  After 4 days I woke up afraid, immobilized, unable to speak or eat due to injuries.  The doctors worked their magic to help overcome my injuries, but the ones who were there to deal with a frightened,panicked, depressed young man who wasn't sure if he would live or die and how much pain there would be were the nurses.

They were the ones who held my hand at 2 AM when I couldn't sleep and wiped away the tears that rolled down my face.  They were the ones who kindly and calmly explained upcoming procedures to me, and explained which medications I would get and if they would hurt and how, and altogether put up with me and my impatience and my fears.

The day I was discharged (after 2 1/2 months!) many came into my room to say goodbye and wish me well. I told them that in future years it may be that I wouldn't remember their names but all I would need to do was close my eyes and see them. That is just as true today as it was 37 years ago. Nora, Cindy, Margo and all the rest of you who were and are the angels who are the heart and soul of any hospital, you

are forever in my heart and memory. Happy Nurses Week to all you wonderful people.

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Re: It's National Nurses Week

I am a retired ER nurse. Thank you for all of your kind words. It was the hardest thing I have ever done and the most rewarding. 

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Re: It's National Nurses Week

Thankful to all Nurses, we have two ER nurses in our family!

national nurses week cards


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Re: It's National Nurses Week

Yes! I have the utmost respect for nurses.


I am not a nurse but I worked in the medical field for 20 yrs as a physicians assistant (back in the dark ages.)  So I know what they endure.


Love all you nurses on this site and all over the world.



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Re: It's National Nurses Week

Thank you nurses for all you do!!!!


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Re: It's National Nurses Week

Such a stressful but rewarding career. I was an R.N. working in hospitals for 40 years. Some days were wonderful and others were horrible. No two days were ever the same. Thank you to all nurses. 

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Re: It's National Nurses Week

I have been an oncology nurse for 34 years. I would not trade a minute of any of my experiences. Thanks to each  and every one of you that acknowledged Nurses week. All of the wonderful words and stories really made my day! 

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Re: It's National Nurses Week

@YouGoGirl1 wrote:

Just to take a moment to recognize  you and your hard work! And a big Thank-You to all of our nurses on the forums.

And a special shout out to Just Bee. Happy Nurses Week.



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