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When I lived in NM by this time I would feel like the constant sun would pummel me.  It was un relenting and I just wanted a break.

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I think the climate you live in dicatates when fall 'starts' for many people.


In the north, once Labor Day is past, it is full gear into fall. In my area, we have nice weather (summer like) all through the month of September, but the leaves begin to fall (although color isn't present much till October), days get shorter, nights get cooler, kids are back in school, pools are closed, etc.


As for retail, they have to get those fall items out by August. Most people plan purchases ahead, and aren't waiting until it gets cold to buy a sweater or waiting till the week of Thanksgiving to enjoy things pumpkin flavored. 


As for decor, many people now decorate as heavily for fall (and some Halloween) as they do Christmas, so they want fall decor purchased and in their homes by the first part of September. I personally think fall decor has exploded because it can be displayed for about 3 months, while Christmas is only about 6 weeks max for most people.


I'm sure if one lives where it is very warm, October (or later) seems to be the fall kick off.