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No one is indispensible, in any company.  Business moves on.

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While I like many of the hosts none are indispensible.

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Honestly, I don't even notice when there gone...not until it's mentioned somewhere, then it's like oh yeah I thought I hadn't seen them in awhile😜

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The hosts on QVC are not our family or our friends,  Their absence would be no more missed than the absence of any sales person at any other retailer.


This is not to mean that I wish any of them ill will, but the fact is they have little-to-no impact on my life.

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I agree that no one is indispensable, however, I think the really good hosts have a skill set that not everyone has, and .I'll bet that shows up on their sales totals.

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I would not miss any one of them, they could clean house and it wouldn't matter to me.

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To answer the question, none.  Hosts come and hosts go.  It's a natural progression.  I don't find any host totally unwatchable.  Some I enjoy more than others, some bore me to tears, some I might think are a little out there.  If I don't like a host, I just don't watch.  Regardless of what is being presented, a host can make or break a presentation for me.


But none of them are indispensible.   

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And of those who I thought did a great job but did leave:   Kathy Levine, Dave James (maybe he went back to a successful photography business?).   I'm sure I'm forgetting others.  Then there was Mike Rowe, who did quite well for himself...

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Loved Dave James.  He was so low key and not frenetic.

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@Oznell wrote:

That's what I said, hoosieroriginal, when shopping channels invade your subconscious, find an absorbing hobby, ha.

I don't think it has to do with getting out more. Our subconscious needs to get our attention about certain issues. This dream was the Q.