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2 years ago today 4/28/20 I lost my dear mom to covid 19.  She was 88 yo, in a nursing home but she knew what was going on, not confused at all.  A mom of 10 children which I am the oldest with 7 more syblings still living. She was a Registered nurse, loved her 10 babies and worked many long hrs to make sure we all had what we needed. Thanks Mom, I know you are in a better place now, no more worries. We Love you mom !

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@Goodie2shoes  Hugs for you. So sorry you lost your mother to covid. It sounds like she  was an amazing woman and you too. I am sure if you were the oldest of 10 and your mother worked as a nurse, you were like mama to the younger ones. I was an RN for over 30 years and can not begin to imagine doing it with 10 children.

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Re: In Loving Memory

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@Goodie2shoes , I am so sorry for your loss.  It is amazing that you had your mom to the age of 88.  


I too am one of ten children, being number 8 and the youngest daughter. There is a special connection in large families.  My mother was a Registered Nurse as well.  Sadly, I lost my mom when I was 28, she at the age of 65.


 It is so hard to lose parents and the mother/daughter connection is often strong.  I can imagine that is the case especially if you are the oldest.


Be comforted by special memories❤️.  LM

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Goodie2shoes, may your wonderful mother's memory be eternal!  What a loving mother she was.



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What a lovely tribute to your mother.  I have great respect for nurses and believe they are the glue who hold hospitals and doctor offices together.  Their dedication and love for what they do certainly has helped so many.  I am sure your mother was not only a wonderful nurse but a loving caring mother to you and your siblings.  I'm sure she is in a better place and as proud of you as you are of her.

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@Goodie2shoes  Big hugs to you.  My late mother was the youngest of 10.  There is that old saying...... One mother can take care of 10 children, but 10 children can't take care of one mother.  💔

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@Goodie2shoes I am so sorry for your loss  and know that she was inspiring to many.  She had a loving heart to have such a large family and  also be a provider.  You can be sure that she is spending her approaching MOTHER's DAY with the LORD and reaping her rewards in heaven and smiling down on her family from above.  There is no love like a mothers love!

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Re: In Loving Memory

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I am sorry for your loss.  What a wonderful tribute you write to her.

That awful virus is still with us, as you know.  As a person who worked in Public Health, I fret everyday that we were not better prepared in so many ways.


My Dad lives by himself, in his home, at age 95.  You know the fears we have for him daily, but we’re SO glad he was able to shelter at home with our help.  I am envious of your many siblings, I was raised an only child, it is not nearly the picnic 🧺 many think.


Gratitude to you and your Mom for your work service, I am witness to the good you bring to patients.  


Sending Light out on the winds to You, Your Mom, and Family. 💨

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May her memory be a blessing to all her children.