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I have to laugh, we go after the hosts so often.  I find myself doing that too  and I'm really not like that.  I got to thinking, QVC has made this shopping channel so about the hosts being crazy that it is hard to acknowledge the products. I love fashion, wheither I buy or watch but QVC has made night time shows a turn off to me.  It isn't the hosts as much as what QVC thinks we fall for.

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I've  been watching  " the Q" many many years now. Either  it's my age or trying to keep up with all the new hosts  don't  know I just don't care to watch it anymore.

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I agree @matty liz . Years ago, I've been shopping QVC since 1986, there wasn't one host I couldn't watch. I loved them all. QVC was on in my home all day. Now, as you mentioned, I generally do not let other's get under my skin. However, more and more hosts have deterred me from watching QVC. Or, I should say, having it on for background noise. I will occasionally have it on but I never just sit and watch it. I also make a point not to place any order, even online, when a host is on that I cannot watch. 


Somehow, this style of presenting must be working as they would have had the hosts discontinue these selling tactics. There are still a handful of hosts I do actually enjoy watching but it's few and far between. 

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rarely  watch because of the  Hosts . I can't stand their antics and rude interruptions  . There is to much time aloted per item . I shop online .or watch when they only have the Reps present the items  

 I do buy from many other retailers .

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QVC is no longer a "shopping" channel.  It's focus is now on the hosts, i.e., so and so in the kitchen, so and so with shoes, etc. etc.  I do not care about who the host is and do not know 90% of them.  Been watching 20+ years and the focus is no longer on the products but the hosts.  I guess the PTB think we will buy anything from certain hosts.  I'm not one of those people!!


And from what I read on these forums, QVC seems to be having serious financial problems.  I, for one, am not surprised.


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IMHO many of the hosts now sound so insincere and phony, not to mention pushy, that it makes it almost impossible to watch.


I'd love to name names, however, I guess that would be rude??? Cat Wink


Let it be said, it's both male and female hosts.

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I think that I am spared a great deal of the anguish many posters seem to have over the 

style and/or personality of many QVC hosts because I do not need to watch any jewelry or fashion shows,  Many of those hosts seem to get most of the gunfire on here.


I watch and enjoy the home, kitchen, electronics, food  and seasonal shows, and so there are a few hosts I tend to see much more often than others.  However, being human, I must admit to liking a few  hosts way more than others, and sometimes it is for no other reason than personal preference rather than any one aspect of  

somebody's style of presentation.  A few hosts that I especially enjoy get roasted and toasted on these boards. Also, some that I don't care for are favorites of a lot of folks.

I think this is where that expression about Baskin Robbins having 31 flavors comes from.

Something for everyone.  I know that it's kind of a stock-in-trade response on these boards for people to remark that nobody has to watch anyone they don't like or buy anything they don't like......and both of those things are true.

But people like the release they get from venting so I think it is O.K. for posters to lob a few grenades when they have had it with someone or something that triggers them.


I chuckle, laugh groan and eyeroll at a lot of the back and forth.  These boards often 

inform, amuse, entertain, annoy and console people.  I think this forum does it's job pretty well.




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I've been watching QVC practically since day 1. I try to avoid being criticizing hosts to the point of bashing. I try to remember that it's a hard job that most people could not do. It just looks easy on TV. I love QVC. I love everything about QVC and HSN. I don't watch much of either on TV. I'm not the type to plunk my self down in front of the TV and watch for two or three hours. I shop their websites. I watch selected programs that interest me. I don't watch shows that don't interest me. Like food shows and garden shows.  QVC is a retailer, not a source of entertainment for me.  

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You know I have to agree with you in part. I think as we age we tend to judge people by our standards and compare people of those in the pass. Times changes and people are different. I fine as I grow older my spending habits have change and my desire for  things are not like they use to be. Some people think that we need to pleased at times when we ourselves can't please others as well. If we had one day to be invisible we would be surprised most of the people we know feel the same way about us as well. All of the shopping channels have changed in their style and everyone of them have hosts that act just like the ones on the Q. So in other words welcome to the new way of doing business.

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I have been shopping with and watching QVC for a long time. But I think I started after Kathy Levine left. I was watching her on a diamonique show recently. She is wonderful. Now I know why shoppers thought so highly of her and missed her.
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