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It seems my eyes are getting worse by the day so . . .


     Please use a larger font !

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@depglass--  is this big enough?  A while back I settled on this #4 size in the font size choices above.   Before I post, I always choose that option.  But I wonder if even that is a comfortable reading size for most?

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I have pretty good eyesight but if a poster posts in small font size and the comment seems exceedingly long, I just ignore it and move on. I don't even bother reading it.



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@depglass, Having known a few people with vision issues, I have always posted in size 3 front and in bold.


Does this make it easier for you to read?  


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If the IT people or who ever it is that is responsible for the forums knew WTH they were doing we would be able to set the font to a certain size and  have it stay that way, not have us change it every time we comment on a post.

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I started using #5.  How's that?

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@depglass   No problem changing my font to #5 instread of #4.


Check them out and let us know what's the most comfortable for you.


BTW, this is #4.

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I try to use #4 most of the time.


I have trouble with the smaller fonts too.



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I had been using #4, but now I use #5. It can't harm and may make reading easier for some. I too wish we could choose a size in preferences instead of having to select it every time. Also, if I try to make another paragraph, the font will often go back to tiny size.

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I was using 4 but will switch to 5. Smiley Happy