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 It's so nice not to need the air conditioning.

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I agree with you, Brii. We have the windows open. Feels nice to be able to do that. Cat Happy

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It does, northernlights.

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cherry, it has been cold out in that area - my mom has been complaining of it as well.


It looks like the cold front is coming my way as well. 



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@brii wrote:

 It's so nice not to need the air conditioning.

I know I'm in the minority but I'm really enjoying how it gets hot and then it cools down. I don't mind the rain, California is in a drought and we are lucky to have rain. I don't like when it stays too hot for long. 

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@cherry wrote:

Its in the low 50's with very blustery winds. Will we ever have nice weather? This is the worst spring I can remember. Is it nice where you are?

I'm jealous. I'd seriously rather have your weather than have what I have, which is hot, hot and hot!Hot.gif

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Over 100 here and for the next 8 days. I will share some heat if you share some cold!

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Cool fron finally made it here.  61 right now.  Feels so good after the last few weeks of heat and humidity.  Highs in the 80's this week. Much better.

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Please, could I have some also? Heat index 105 degrees, 14th day of extreme heat !  I'll take that cold any day !

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@SuiGeneris wrote:

I can't find any place in the U.S. that has a temperature less than 61° at the present time. 


Temperature map from The Weather Channel:


US Current Temperatures


There's all kinds of 50's on that map.   We have 50's every day, sometimes I wait until it gets to 50 to turn my water on.  It still will get to high 80's or low 90's.

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