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not interesting and not legal

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I don't think that is allowed in our state and she could lose her license.  In fact I could be fined for leaving the house to get a hair cut.  We only allowed to be traveling to work, essential businesses, emergencies.

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You are lucky, in our state if hairdressers practice their craft while the 6 ft social distancing order is in effect they would loose their license.

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When the time is right, I will go in to get my hair cut and styled.




Hair dressers and their employers don't want to get sick either, or risk taking it home to their families, that would be bad for business, and they will need every dollar that they can get, so I'm sure that they will take the necessary precautions.

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@kivah   Is she working illegally?  She is if salons have been ordered to close, and you support that?  She could lose her license if working illegally.  It's amazing how fast such people get reported.


By the way, you might call her and tell her the self employed ARE eligible for up to $600 a week in unemployment benefits.

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@IslanderGirl62 wrote:

Here in NY, all non-essential businesses are closed at least until May 15th, but I think it will go until at least June.


The owner of my nail salon texted me last week that she might not ever be able to sad, as I believe this will be the case for a lot of businesses.


As for the original poster - I hope you both at least wore masks, but what you did is still risky behavior.  I am a nurse who works for the Department of Health and also at a nursing home, whose father died 3 weeks ago from coronavirus that he contracted at a short-term rehab facility, I see each and every day (and have personally experienced)  what Covid-19 can do!  

@IslanderGirl62, I am so sorry about your dad. What a tragedy.


And I agree with you that the OP is taking a risk. Personally, I would not do so far a haircut.

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Yikes!  Braver than I am. I think she is practicing illegally also.  Depends on the state and their specific mandates.

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So the stylist has six foot long arms?

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@ciao_bella wrote:

You're braver than I.  Glad you like your cut.  

How come we're allowed to shop in big box stores; go to the bank, etc.???? I heard on the news that u could shop for alcohol and lottery tickets (the state loves to make money).