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From A USPS Employee

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A friend of mine posted this on Facebook, thought I'd share:


Hey all, now this isn't necessarily intended for my family and friends, you all know what my work schedule is like right now. But if you could do myself and my fellow USPS employees a favor if you hear someone complaining.
Processing plant employees are working 7 days a week, 12 hour days right now and they are still unable to keep up. Not because they're lazy or don't care, the sheer volume of mail this year is insane. Truckers are hauling as much as they can, Post Office clerks and behind the scenes personnel are working long, hard hours to get the mail ready for the carriers who are working late doing their best to deliver. We are well aware packages are late. We don't know why it's sat in X city for a week but can guess. We do care. We're doing our damndest. We are missing our families, forget our own shopping, by the time Friday rolls around, we'll be too exhausted to notice.
I am so fortunate and blessed to work with an amazing crew. From the Post Master down, we all work together. Our customers are wonderful as well! But that isn't always the case. FedEx and UPS are getting buried as well. So please, we ask that you be patient and bear with us. Peak 2020 is an unprecedented year.

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i appreciate you........

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I do feel for them.  Short-staffed and overloaded.  

I appreciate them, as I do grocery store and medical staff.  They are working so hard to help people.

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@SuhseK   Thanks for posting this!  My mail carrier told me this also.  I don't know why some just cannot realize this.  Packages do not automatically  deliver themselves!  

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Not the easiest job, and when you add in seasonal weather, illness, equipment breakdowns, human error!


I very much appreciate all their efforts!

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Absolutely appreciate their work. If either hubs or I are home when we see the trucks pull up, we grab our mask and meet them half way in the yard or driveway. My packages are always placed on my porch or lately, they have been going around back and leaving them on my deck. Truly appreciate those efforts. I wouldn’t  want those jobs. 

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I just read this and thought people can be so inconsiderate but think we should be THANKFUL that workers are working during this Pandemic.

Had some items backordered but  surprisingly have gotten them ,I feel everyone is working hard and long hours  so let's learn to be  PATIENT , especially if we are not shopping in stores this year and depending on  deliveries by USPS, UPS, FED EX, 

 Just think "Better late than Never"in receiving our packages as this has been some year.

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Thank you al USPS employees....


This post should have an automatic link to any who say


Where is my package?

My card wasnt received?

What takes so long to deliver a package?


Maybe when you think of put a bottle of water or vitamen drink in the mail box with a thank you for the carrier instead....Or make sure your sidewalks and drive are clear??  Or even some homemade cookeis....


Or order a pizza to be delivered to your local post office for the workers...


Lets stop being a whiner and pass on some happiness and joy

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God Bless you all & hope you get a chance to relax & enjoy the holidays 🎅🏻🎄🤶🎄

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Appreciate your hard  work.  I do wish we could have our distriburtion center back and that might solve some of the problem... just some of the problem. Thanks for posting