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Re: Dr Martin Luther King Day

esme, rough to say the least.

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Re: Dr Martin Luther King Day

The perfect leader for his time.  Incredibly brave, intuitive, poetic, strategic. Galvanizing, in a good way.  He belongs with the greats of American history.

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Re: Dr Martin Luther King Day

It might surprise people to learn Dr. King is especially remembered in a small town in northern Connecticut.  Dr. King came to Simsbury as a young man to work in agriculture, quite common at the time.  It is said he was very inspired by how well he was respected in an all-white community, which likely gave him hope for the future.  There is a memorial to him there, as well as a special church service on MLK Day.


There is so much to be admired about his life.  Lessons that still must be learned.  He based so much of his teachings on Gandhi.  If anyone wants to see an inspiring movie, “Gandhi” is a winner.