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Can we not commiserate with our N/E friends about this snowstorm without making it a political issue?


Of course not....such a shame.

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baltimore area.......ours has now changed over to freezing rain and sleet for the time being. we currently have several inches of snow. it was coming down pretty fast and the flakes were HUGE.


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Approx.  3:30 NYC ....


Snow has started falling - looks like "very wet" heavy snow - no light fluffy stuff.



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Hope all the eastern folks will be safe.Usuallyhereinwis we get hit hard,stay safe

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I hope everyone that was in the middle of this big snow storm is staying safe and warm.  On TV, it looks great right before Christmas.  But that is easy for me to say since I am in an area that didn't get any snow!  lol



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From the New York Times:


Eating outside in a snowstorm in NYC

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