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We got hit with the first snow storm called Gail.  (that figures)  just something in my life that was a slap.  Anyway, our kitty insisted on going out, she was on the deck and when she cam back in she looked like a snow cone!  LOL!!!  WHAT WIND!  I haven't seen this kind of weather in a long time.  North and west of us got it worse though.


Anyone else get the big blast?

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I live in Oberlin PA.  It's difficult to tell but it looks like we received at least 8 inches. It was appx 5 - 6 inches when I cleared the walkway yesterday around 5pm.  


It looks like there's ice on top of it.  It's 27 degrees right now.  We will have to dig out when it goes above 30.  



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Here in SW MI, we just got a dusting (on the deck), so I really feel for you guys.  My knees shake at what you got, or if someone says, "lake effect snow".  We're in for it then!!!

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False alarm of ice storm reported for NC. The trucks were out early Tuesday night "sanding" the streets. We woke up yesterday to "nah dah". We had 1/8" inch of ice only on bridges and overpasses that was gone by 10AM.


I was a little disappointed. We had prepared with everything needed for power outages. It's put away for another day.  Oh well. 

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I live in northern Delaware and we got about 6 inches of snow/sleet/ice and we lost power for about 4 hours last night.

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We got about a foot here in the suburbs of Pittsburgh Pa. 3EA4F626-C7E1-4513-B23B-BD616642421B.jpeg

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6.5  inches so far in downtown Boston!


I am super grateful to live in building connected indoors to a shopping mall and with a grocery store and Starbucks!!

From out the widows it's still coming down quite hard and don't think I will be going outside at all for at least today and I am even more thankful that I don't have to shovel. 


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In southern maine ,wind blowing hard, cold ,about 6 inches so far, they say 12 +  we will get,no power outage here so far ,fingers crossed.

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OMG!!  We're in upstate N.Y. and it's 8;00 AM.  We have about  2 feet already my DH said.  Trying to blow a path for the dogs and it's still coming down like crazy.  Oh, this is going to be fun, LOL.

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We live about 20 miles north of Albany, NY.  The forecast from the national weather service was 9" last night.   Well, I'd say we've had at least 2 feet of snow so far and still have 4 or 5 hours of snow!