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Re: Anyone have an Amazon Alexa?

@I am still oxox wrote:

I do not beleive people are listening, why would they listen to a middle income retire couple what would be the point 

@I am still oxox  to get our off shore & Swiss bank account #s that all retirees have. whistling.gif




@Tuffcookie"In the summer, I can take Alexia out to the patio and listen to music out there. Great little device!"

I have a $5 "self charger" Echo enabled waterproof wireless speaker w/microphone that I use on my patio & in my bathroom.  No need to take any of my 3 DOTS there.

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Re: Anyone have an Amazon Alexa?

I have the Echo show in my kitchen and two of the taller ones in other rooms.  I don't know what I would do without the Echo show.  I ask for recipes and she tells you step by step or you can just read the screen.  I have cut down on googling anything because I just ask Alexa and get my answers quickly. I have Pandora and Sirius XM hooked to it. I like the drop in feature when talking to my family & friends.  I have never had any issues with music playing without me asking for it.