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@Eileen in Virginia wrote:

Right off the bat, I'll say we love Amazon. We've been Prime members for years and place orders several times a week. Most of our orders are Prime, shipped from Amazon. These are delivered within 2 days of placing our order, if not sooner. The pandemic delayed deliveries up to a week, but things are back to normal now. I sometimes order from a third party vendor (where it says "see all buying options"). In those cases, I only order from vendors who have a 95% or greater satisfaction rating. They give you an estimated delivery date/range and notify you when the item has shipped. Most of the time, the item ships earlier than the estimate. We've returned a few items over the years and it's a pretty seamless process. On the rare occasion that we had a problem, Amazon customer service was great at resolving the problem. 

Shoekitty said

and you placed orders from March 15-May 30.?  I have been with amazon over 20 years, back whe they did books.  I am talking about their service now during pandemic. I am a prime member, and order at least 20 items a week. 

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I am not a big Amazon shopper mainly due to the way that their employees are treated.  In addition, returning items to them is a pain in the neck.  Tried returning through their partnership with Kohl's.  Not a smooth transaction and the line was very long.  


I try to support local Small Businesses when I can, even if I have to pay a few extra dollars.  More now than ever we need to support Main St. USA.  I am also paying more attention to where things are manufactured.  I will also pay a few dollars more for Made in the USA.


I know Amazon is here to stay, however, I will continue to use Amazon selectively.

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Re: Amazon is Ridiculous

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Prime member since the very beginning of Prime.  Yes, I have noticed the Prime shipments are getting faster again.  I ordered Shampoo and conditioner and received it the next day!  When I saw it on the porch, I had no idea what the package was!  I assumed I would not get the shampoo for at least 3 days.    Amazon is what all stores should be!


Edit:  One of my school's employees is a part time Amazon worker.  She loves it!  Yes, it's hard.  You have to be in good physical shape.  She gets paid well and gets extra money from them if she delivers packages that are on the way home.  You also get stock in the company.  That alone is a good incentive  to work there.

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It might depend what you order, I placed an order and got it on the date I was given. Just rec yesterday.