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A lot...I have no idea just how many.

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I only have 5 books plus two Bibles on my kindle.  I see no reason to keep them on the device once I have read them.  It would be clutter to me.  

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Re: How many Kindle Books

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I don't know. My Kindle says it has 1,141 items. Of those, 492 are downloaded onto the Kindle itself and the rest are in the cloud.  The majority of those are samples and some of them are magazines, like The Atlantic and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines. Note sure how many are actually downloaded


On a recent plane trip, I downloaded and read several of the sample books and then sorted them into my "To Buy" Collection if I liked them or deleted them if I did not.

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@jackthebear wrote:

one reason why I opt for the Kindle Ultd program

and use my library  don't want to buy more books than I have to either ebooks or paper 

I've been trying out Kindle Unlimited and, so far, I've been unimpressed by the most of the selections I've tried. I've yet to find a Kindle Unlimited book that I've absolutely loved and wanted to recommend to friends. One of the things I've liked the most about Kindle Unlimited is that it also gives you access to the Audible version, which is fantastic! About half the books I finish are in audio format these days. But I've still had trouble finding selections I love and I've exchanged the last 3 I picked without finishing them.


Do you have any Kindle Unlimited books you would recommend, @jackthebear?



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I have been reading Kindle books for years, I delete a lot of them after they are read. I have just started the Kindle Unlimited books, Why because I spent a lot of money on books and really love to read. Hope it works out for me. Its a money saver.