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Re: The problem is that it looks like a wig......

On 4/1/2015 Matty6 said:

{#emotions_dlg.thumbdown} Those wigs looked liked wigs... And poor Rachel looked so mousey in her page boy style. I felt bad for her. I laughed when the vendor tried on several. She looked ridiculous. The only one who looked okay was Pat. She looked nice in short hair. Glad I do not have to wear a wig.

I'm glad you don't have to wear a wig either, Matty. May you always enjoy good health.

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Re: The problem is that it looks like a wig......

On 3/31/2015 Pagan said:
On 3/30/2015 knitgirl said:

This thread seems so mean. I am in my late 30's and I get up every morning, shower, and style my hair. However, if I were in my elder years and I could not hold my arms up for 15 min to blow and curl my hair, I would absolutely get a wig. And most seniors cannot afford something expensive... so this would suffice. Yes, it is commendable to go "natural" but some ladies in the past generations are too set in their ways, and a believe wig is better than a bed head. I don't think this is marketed to the 20-somethings.

And what about the SURVIVORS who can't afford to get extensions or an expensive hairpiece? Best wishes to you all...!

Actually I don't see much meanness here but it has to be said, women wearing wigs are a target of derision.

I've never understood it.

If you lose a limb and get a prosthetic; no-one laughs at you.

If you lose an eye and get a glass one; people don't nudge each other and shriek 'it's a fake' to embarrass the wearer and make her feel vain or freakish.

If you lose your hair and wear a wig; almost every woman will sneer and laugh behind your back.

Oh, yes, people do laugh at limbs and eyes, and they do it behind people's backs and gossip. But since they assume a wig is a fashion statement and not a necessity, they do it even more viciously. It's a statement about their character, which is a low character without kindness, thoughtfulness or decency, because it's rude to ridicule people behind their back and accomplishes nothing. People who do it, believe that by pushing someone else down, it elevates them. It doesn't. Far from it.

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Re: The problem is that it looks like a wig......

When you have to wear a wig for medical reasons you are thankful.Not everyone can afford a thousand dollar wig.. I cant .. but when I first went for a wig I thought oh no, they look so shiny then the lady at the wig store sat me down and told me once you put some product on them such as wig spray ..wig mousse , it takes down the shine .. she also was a hairdresser and she cut and styled my wig the same way I did my hair .. No one knew I was wearing a wig .. its been about 10 yrs now and I get compliments all the time .. I will go into a store and someone will say I love your hair.. I have had them say .. you just got your hair done didn't you it looks great . or where did you get your haircut .. sometimes I tell them its a wig sometimes I don't .. it took me a few years to get used to going out in a wig I have to admit that.. but today I don't give it a thought . I have always prided myself in the way I present myself and I believe mine does look real enough to be my own hair .. I own several.. I now order my own wigs get them cut and have many all the same style...sometimes I will change up the bangs and pull them off my face some ..sometimes I will pull the sides back some .. I do wear a shorter wig .. so give these ladies a break, many of us need these .. I did not order from QVC .. I considered it but I had just ordered two a few wks ago from my regular store don't knock it be thankful that you don't medically need these .. I hope you never do .. and the ladies who just want to switch it up good for them just make sure you have it centered correctly on your head and use some wig spray .. mess it up some so it doesn't look so perfect all the time .. have some fun with it ...