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Connie has said twice now that Jose Eber has never put his name on any product. How many of you remember him being on HSN many years ago with his own products with his name on them? It would be hard to forget that hat. He's still wearing it!
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I was thinking the same thing! But, then I doubted myself and though perhaps my brain had morphed Nick Chavez and Estaban and invented Jose Eber. Lol!
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yes, I had not seen him for years and wondered if he still was wearing THAT silly looking hat. I was hoping he finally got rid of it. Does not look like it.

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Jose has marketed shampoo, irons and such for years. He has had his his own line of shampoo and such for 10 years I know of. What does HSN mean, never marketed...hmmm? We worked some shows in the early 70's, and he was my age or a couple years older. I am going to be 66. He ALWAYS wore a hat. He has them specially made, lol!He does have a fedora he wears sometimes, but never in appearances. I could be wrong, but just what I have noticed over the years. He is one of the nicest men in the business if you ever get a chance to meet him. He is in his salon all the time. He only does special clients now as "his dogs are probably barkin" by now, all those years on the feet. He has a way with hair, like no other. Farrah, Liz Taylor, cher, Barbra S and I have forgot her name...she was a charlie's angel, but now markets clothes for Kmart? I like her hair best of all.

All I can think of is, the mass marketing of his products keeps the income coming in, as he slowly passes the torch at the salon. I don't blame him.

I really admire him for his community work, he does free. He loves it! He helps women who are down and out get make overs and clothes to go back to work. Or go to work for the first time. He always treats them with kindness, and never looks down

If you see him in person he his a very diminutive man. Maybe 5'4", and small frame. He probably wears the hat for hairline issues, and he is so used to it, LOL! I have seen him without it, and he does appear taller with it!

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Jacqueline Smith

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Okay, I was wrong. I went and looked at HSN picture, and that IS a new hat! LOL! His traditional is the natural colored straw, with beading and a few feathers. I like his new hat in that picture on HSN

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I was surprised to learn he was still working in the business. I remember watching him when he appeared on some of the tv talk shows many years ago. I think he had a book, too, "Shake Your Head Darling."

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I remember seeing him a lot back in the 80s on Hour Magazine with Gary Collins and Sarah Purcell.

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If Connie said that (and I don't doubt it), that's hilarious!! His name is on products all over the internet!!! LOL

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I don't remember him and I don't know who he is. What's his claim to fame? I didn't see the show.

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