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You are so welcome @2penny . ***Don't spend lots on deep conditioners. I use jars from the drugstore. Shea Moisture makes good ones. I alternate weeks between one that's for moisture and the next week one with protein. There are tons at drugstore prices for both. I put a hotel style shower cap over it, heat it on low w/ dryer for 5 minutes and then either sleep in or go watch tv for an hour before washing it out.


***I also keep a tub in the shower to use as my conditioner after shampoo if my hair seems like it needs it. The 5 minutes it takes to wash the rest of me, shave legs, whatever, is plenty of time with the steam added for it to work. 

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@Shanus, I thought all of the Olaplex products besides 1, 2, & 3 had silicones in them.  


Cyclopentasiloxane is a silicone that doesn't end in -cone, so you have to watch for

-anes too. I'm a ingredient junky and have a whole database of them.


I actually have baby fine hair, not thick or coarse at all.  But, it's also very flyaway.  The Tweak'd I only use a little bit, less than even a pea size.  One of those little jars will last me close to a year.  I'm just starting my 2nd jar and I think I got the 1st one shortly after he came out with it.  It calms my fly-away hair down and sinks right in. He uses silicones in most of his other products so I don't use them.  


I'm in AL, so you wouldn't expect a hugh change in winter here, but I can certainly tell the difference in how my hair reacts.  I have some oils I mix up and just add a drop to the Tweak'd, so I'm not using much. I was using Jonathan Silky Dirt before I made the change and it was really hard finding something silicone-free to replace it.


About the Shea Moisture.  I was just mentioning it because the group I'm in specifically targets it as not being water soluble.  But, I disagree with them saying it has emulsifiers, so if you can rub it in your hands with a little water and it washes right off, I say it actually is water soluble even if it has non-water-soluble ingredients in it.  They just don't understand how those ingredients work together.  


I was avoiding sulfates for years before I discovered the curly girl method because I color my hair red, and was using a Cleansing Conditiioner even then.  My fave had Amodimethicone in it, so I abandoned it and had to find something else.  Almost all of the others out there have PEG's in them which I avoid for health reasons, so it was very difficult finding something.  I did finally find something I like, but I may start alternating my original one back in since I found that information about amodimethicone not being so bad.  I do use a sulfate-free shampoo (Matrix Raw) once a week to make sure I'm getting my scalp clean, especially in summer with all my yard work and sweat. 


I do need a styling cream/gel or my hair will just fly all over the place.  As my perm grows out, I'll add a mousse into the roots.  There's an Herbal Essences one that is CG friendly and that is what I've been using, but I might check into the Biotera one.


The one aspect I just can't give up is hairspray.  I do use the Pantene Airspray 2 (which I now have to order online) which is CG, but it's not enough.  I need a pump style to scrunch in, so that's the one place where I do allow the bad alcohol in.  I absolutely cannot deal iwth hair falling onto my forehead and it locks the curls in place so they don't go into fly-away mode. Paul Mitchell Quick Dry Sculpting Spray is the only one I have found that works for me.

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@Icegoddess  Olaplex is not CG friendly, but the bonding/repair results is worth its use once a month. The Shea Moisture (& others) test for me is if I fill my sink w/ water, put some product in my hand, rinse and water stays passes MY test. 

I don't make myself nuts anymore w/ this CGM thing, as I mentioned. I had shelves of products tried and no good for my type of hair....too many rules w/ high or low porosity, etc. 

For the most part, I try to use products that do not dry out my hair w/ alcohol or coat it or weigh it down.