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Good morning! I’ve been eyeing up the IT no tug eyeshadow sticks and wondering if they are worth it or what is the best ones?
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Following- thank you!

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@Joizz11 @FastDogWalker2   I've been using Bobbi Brown's eye shadow sticks for quite a few years.  I love them!

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I've been using Mally shadow sticks, they last all day long. I recently bought Tarte shadow sticks, they do not last as long and you have to keep re-applying. 

(Have not tried the IT ones yet.) 

Mally for the win.

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Re: Best Shadow Sticks

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I second the shadow sticks by Mally, I use them as a liner, and then apply more and smudge as a shadow. After a minute they are set all day.  


I think as you get older, a less defined line for a liner looks much better. My only wish is that shadow makers would have more non-shiny neutrals. (The only trouble with that is we would be happy just using one and no others.) 

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@Joizz11 I love eyeshadow sticks. I don't wear primer under any of them. They look nice on my older eyelids. They are quick & easy. Sometimes I use a powder over the eyelid to brighten it or in the outer crease to lift that area, but usually I only use the shadow stick.

I blend it onto my lid & up through the crease, then bring the color from under my lower lashes lifting it up to meet the outer corner of the color on top.

So these are the ones that I love. The quality is not always consistant across the colors in a brand.

1. Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks-The older shades were perfect! The color, coverage, pigmentation, wear...perfect. I have been very disappointed in the new shades. Too creamy & easily sheer out. Too much sparkle instead of pretty shimmer. Not the same quality at all, but the price has gone up.

 2. Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick-The ones that I have are wonderful.

3. Nudestix Magnetic Eye Color Eyeshadow Pencil-Wonderful. My only complaint is the tin that they come in (A waste) & that I have to sharpen them (Not that big of a deal.).

4. Makeup Forever Aqua Resist Smoky Shadow Multi Use Waterproof Color Stick-I have 2, so far, & they are great. Sharpener on the end.

5. ELF No Budge Shadow Stick-No complaints. They are really nice. Sharpener on the end.

6. Ulta Beauty Cream Eyeshadow & Liner-Great product. Sharpener on the end.

7. Belle Beauty Shero Shadow Sticks-Some of my favorites. Sharpener on the end.

8. about-face Shadowstick-Wonderful. Sharpener on the end.

9. girlactik Beauty Metallic Shadow Stick-These are great. Sharpener on the end.

10. L.A. Girl Sunkissed Glow Longwear Shadow Stick-I threw one in my last order from Ulta to try & I like it. 

11. Thrive Causemetics has 2 type now. I didn't realize it when I placed my last order. The original Brilliant Eye Brightener which is meant to do that. Brighten the eye area so they aren't as pigmented as other sticks but I like them. Sharpener on the end.

The Infinity Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick is more pigmented & has a smudger & a sharpener on the other end.

I really love the, except for Muna which is the one that I always saw & made me want to try these. It is too sheer & has the silvery glitter in it that always seems sort of cheap looking to me. Other people love it. And I do love the other colors that I have bought.

12. Covergirl Cream Shadow Stick-It's okay. Maybe I just don't love the color that I got. 960. A dark purple. I don't reach for it.

13. By Terry Ombre Blackstar-Great quality. When I started buying shadow sticks these were priced way higher then other brands, but they seemed like the same quality & colors as Laura Mercier, so I didn't think that they were worth the higher price. Now other brands have raised their prices, so they are all over priced.

14. Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint For Eyes-The quality is fine. The larger shape works okay for the way that I use them, but could be a problem for some people. The size also takes up twice the space in my makeup container. The colors are sort of dull. I got Lavish Lilac & Ample Amber. They are fine. They don't do anything for my eyes or my coloring. 

15. IT Superhero No Tug Shadow Stick-I bought Epic Amethyst. The base color is nice, but it has that silvery glitter that I don't like and then it falls out all over my face.


Kiko Milano is a brand that gets a lot of love for their shadow sticks. They do have an impressive color range. I bought several shades & they were all too creamy, sheered out too easily & creased on me.

Julep Creme To Powder Eye Shadow Stick-Same as Kiko Milano.

Wet n Wild-Same

Colourpop Colour Stix-Useless. Waxy, patchy mess. 


As I said. Some colors may work better than others across the brand.

I have so many shadow sticks that when I buy now I try to get unique colors so I may not give the brand a fair trial. 

IT Superhero sticks for instance. The other colors may be great, but the one I bought was not.

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My favorite shadow sticks are the Laura Mercier ones. I'm thinking they were the first on the market and still rate high. I look for a smoothe not dry or tugging application and staying power. These meet all expectations.


I enjoy the ones that came out in a rose gold collection and will often purchase the sets offered at the Nordstrom sales.

Sephora often has sets of their shadow sticks during their sales, as well.

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Been very satisfied with the Clinique Chubby Sticks available wherever Clinique is sold.

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I have the It superhero shadow sticks & love them!  Started with cream & slate & have added more since. Creamy & smooth. 

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Laura Mercier Caviar sticks. 

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