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@SandGirl, I started getting noticeably gray around 50ish, but I still have lots of brown hair. Kind of depends on the light, which shows more.


Colored my hair for fun, a short while in my 30s, haven't since.  I think more and more of us are staying natural. Tho I do believe haircoloring is better than it used to be.


Oh, I did put a streak of burgundy in my hair, 15 years ago lol!

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@summerwind  Yes, I see more and more going natural, maybe due to chemical awareness? That is what I worry about, all those chemicals from coloring soaking into my head EEEKS!! I bet your hair looks beautiful - thank you so much for sharing.

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It is also a great cleaner for fruits and vegetables. I soak berries, applies, peppers, tomatoes, cherries in it to remove the waxy film and any dirt that may be on them.

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@emmysmom wrote:

@winamac1 wrote:

I mix one tbsp. in water and add some Stevia to it every morning.  I've read to never drink apple cider vinegar --straight up--without diluting it.  It can damage the esophagus.  I put one tablespoon in 5 ounces of crystal light or water.  


I only use Braggs with the mother.  It appears to be helping my eczema a bit.

Full strength can also damage tooth enamel.
I'll have to suggest that for my son..he gets eczema on his hands..thanks for the tip!  I add stevia to mine too..really helps the taste!
 I've been using the ACV daily now..its keeping my blood sugar down..thanks for the reminder Win!!!!!!



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I take apple cider vinegar capsules . I find it easier to take , Also have used it in my hair , I spray on last after I condition and rinse just for shine . Works for me.                           cathy from ma


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When I was young, my mother rinsed her hair with ACV; she had dark brown hair and it was always shiny. I was a light brown and she told me darks use ACV to rinse and lights use lemon juice to rinse.