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I've been using Hand Restore for about a year. I find that it smooths and moisturizes but does do a thing for fading spots. I've used other products that also are supposed to remove spots and they don't work either.
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I've used Dimitri's Hand Restore but haven't reordered. I've tried every hand cream imagineable. The most noticeable improvement is using M.Asam's Day Cream and M.Asam's masque a couple of times a week. I stopped using his cream and masque but found a good use for it. I also put some oils on them a couple times a week. I go downwards: when I stop using face products, they go to hands, legs and feet. I never toss them.

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Whenever I apply a serum to my face I work the serum into my hands as well. Also, I wipe the tops of my hands with the Dr Gross' pads after I use them on my face. I do notice the difference if I do not do this for a few days.

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SPF, SPF, SPF! I use Paula's Choice. It is an anti-aging formulation with an SPF 30. Right now it is $11. I highly recommend this one.

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On 4/4/2015 Lyn08 said:

My hands look awful. Part of the problem is because I don't wear gloves when I wash dishes by hand, and many times I forget to put on hand cream.

However, when I last had my pedicure done, the technician suggested Dermalogica Multi-vitamin Hand and Nail Treatment, especially at night before I go to bed. I find if I use this hand cream, it seems to plump up my skin a bit. I'm sure there are other hand creams just as good.

Try using Palmolive original dish soap for hand washing your dishes, and plain old petroleum jelly for general use as a moisturizer. Works wonders, and is dirt cheap! {#emotions_dlg.wub}

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I think I've used about everything.Sunscreen on your hands will prevent any further damage!

I use organic coconut oil now,seems to work the best!

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You can use all the hand creams you want, but if your hands are exposed to the sun while driving, gardening, sun bathing, tanning, etc....your hands are going to age. Keep the moisturized, gloved when working in water and out of the sun when you can. Don't forget to use sun screen, especially since you may be wearing more of it in the warm weather. If you wear it daily under your makeup, just spread some on your hands or use a different/waterproof kind on your hands. You can also keep a pair of simple cotton glove in the car for when you are driving especially if you do much driving. My grandmother was a rural letter carrier with USPS and always wore a long sleeve she cut off of a long sleeved shirt and glove for her left arm/hand since that one is exposed the most to the sun. Her mother died of skin cancer from working the fields her whole life. Granny also worked those fields growing up, but became much more sunscreen proactive as she aged and sun screen became cheaper and more available than it was at the turn of the century and really wasn't available commonly and cheaply until the 70s and beyond.

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I don't believe you can turn back the clock on your hands. The best you can do now is find a good hand cream. I use a banishing cream from Avon and an Avon hand cream.

My hands are 72 years old ... they look fairly good.

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I use my Dr. Dense Hydroshield serum on my hands. I got lucky and have no wrinkles and very few lines on my face, but my hands are another story. I've seen great results from Hydroshield on my hands. I use the Hydroshield, then put a hand cream over that. And yes, sunscreen on the hands and arms, for sure.