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All the Lord's blessings to you, @Annabellethecat66 !

You are a blessing to us!

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When I saw that large type font I knew it was really you.  Now all we need is a picture taken by your daughter or friend of the cat with his paw over your mouth.  Oh, I forgot, no identifying photos.  But the idea is absolutely precious.  Welcome back, and get some doc working on that arm.  

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@Annabellethecat66 It is so good to hear from you!  I will continue to lift you up in prayer for healing and comfort.  I hope that the good LORD restores your health and you are on the road to a speedy recovery, we have missed you.

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Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light. —Helen Keller
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You certainly have been going through  so much, falling as we are older is just something that we really have to be careful about ,i wish you healing.

When you lose some one you L~O~V~E, that Memory of them, becomes a TREASURE.
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@Annabellethecat66 Good to hear from you & take good care,

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It's so good to hear from you.  You've been missed.  @ECBG has been a trusty friend indeed for you.  She's been great with the updates.


My heart goes out to you & all that you've endured.  Even though some injuries aren't as bad as others, they're never helpful or welcomed.  But, they're always painful and a huge inconvenience.  I hope you have a friend or family member to assist you at times.  Your daughter's been a great help in getting you many of the safety aids installed at your home.  


I wish you well on your road to recovery and send you Blessings & more Blessings.  I'm keeping you in my prayers.  Please keep in touch whenever you're up to it.  

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@Annabellethecat66 : Wonderful seeing your post. We love you and miss you. Yes- things could have been worse but you are still dealing with so much. The thoughts of all of your pain and discomfort. Praying that something will soon be done for the left arm, wrist and hand. You are in my thoughts and prayers for strength, healing and complete recovery. ♥️♥️♥️♥️🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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@Annabellethecat66  Thanks for the update! So glad to hear you're making progress. You sound so positive and upbeat which is very important to you recovery. I wish you the best on this journey and pray that you will get better every day. 😁🌷🌸❤️

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I hope and pray you feel better soon. You are such a sweet lady and I wish you were my neighbor.  God Bless you.