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Would you get married again?

The title says it all: if you were to become widowed or lose your s/o, partner, etc., would you want to do it again? I've been married for 40+ years and I think I probably would not--unless lightning strikes :-)

I asked my husband and he said pretty much the same thing. Adjusting to someone new after all this time would be awfully hard. I've also told him that if he falls in love and wants to get married, don't do it (or get an iron-clad pre-nup). I don't want someone else to possibly get her hands on what I want to leave to my family. I'd rather he live in sin than have some hussy try to marry him for his money and "sruff".

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Re: Would you get married again?

No I woud not get married again.  I remarried my second husband and I should not have done that.  But you are very cynical about other women.  Not every second wife is a hussy after the man's money or possessions.  My children will inherit everything I own when I die.  I don't think they care who gets it.  I taught them not to be materialistic.  

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Re: Would you get married again?

I would never remarry.  I have been happily married for 44 years and could never find anyone else as perfect for me than Mr 4kitties. 

If he were gone, I would have absolutely no reason to remarry.  I would never want to complicate my estate nor do I have any desire to live with some other man.  


“People do, I don’t.”
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Re: Would you get married again?

No...I am beyond having children, have children and grandchildren of my own, have a great husband who is a great father, and can't picture myself ever marring again.

If I were young and wanted more children I would consider it.

My husband says the same. He sees no reason for it.

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Re: Would you get married again?

✶ No Thanks {by Merishy} ✶

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Re: Would you get married again?

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I won't be a nurse or a purse.  I won't put up with anyone else's BS.  I would have no tolerance for someone else's drama with adult siblings, children or grandchildren.  

I absolutely would not let another man live in my home!   I have always had and enjoyed my loner personality, and know I married the only man God put before me, who truly understands me.  

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Re: Would you get married again?

A co-worker once said she only took out enough life insurance to cover her funeral expenses. (her children were long married and on their own


She didnt want her husband living large remarried to a younger 2nd wife.


no i personally would not remarry . no no no !  

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Re: Would you get married again?

Absolutely not. Having lived alone for the past decade or so, I have come to the realization that I am gloriously free and happy...not lonely, but free. There is no way I can be a"wife" again. I had a good marriage. This is not to say I would reject a relationship..but separate households and separate lives.

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Re: Would you get married again?

I wouldn't but perhaps I'd look for a pool-boy.  We don't have a pool.  No space for one.


I'm sure my husband would remarry.  Even though he doesn't think so, he needs people.  I love my husband.  I would want him to be happy and if a hussy would make him happy I'm all for it.  Smiley Wink

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Re: Would you get married again?

NOPE and didn't


@annie315 I feel the same as you