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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

The last thing on earth I want or need is more stuff.  If you want to bless me at Christmas, don't give me stuff.  Please, nothing to clean, find a place for, wear or display.  And I think a lot of people feel that way now.  And a present is to please the giftee--not the gifter. 


Give me a nice card with a heartfelt note and if you must, a gift card for: A nice restaurant, car washes, gas, or something like that.  


You can't give people a greater gift than they give to you if they love you and you love them.  Love is enough!


You might put the card on a small box of candy, jar of nuts or somthing they might enjoy, or a box of scones or muffins for the next day's breakfast or something like.  But please nothing to display, clean or keep.  

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

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My kids everytime I asked if they wanted the photo albums from their childhood years, momentos I've stored, etc. -- everytime no I have the "memories" I don't want them.


Well, having lots of down time during Covid I decided to sort & separate then place in new albums "highlights of your wonder years"...


they've been coming down bi monthly to see their dad and guess what we end up doing..going thru more pics and momentos 😊 Hours of stories (some I never knew they did) and now, they've started putting them in albums.


For my GD who is digital age I started making her photo albums of her fun moments ..she loves it. 


Some we've chosen for frames -- so much for "they didn't want them!"😉


No cost just the gift of special moments for them🎄🎄good idea @PamfromCT 

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

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@Calcgirl - It's Christmas. I've heard "Please don't get me anything, I  don't want anything, and I really don't need anything" so many times. And I've also seen those same people light up when they open a small heartfelt gift.


 I like @SoonerLater's ideas. I think a gift card to one of their favorite restaurants would be nice. 

I like to give something people can open. I've given bath soaps and gels (Would your DIL like that), mini flashlights, pretty pens, and ornaments to others who didn't want or need anything. The person I gave the ornament to was so surprised! She thought she was done collecting ornaments, but hangs it every year and tells me how special it will always be. One idea would be to make one of your son's favorite desserts from his childhood and give them the recipe- if they don't already have it. 

You know them and their tastes well. I'm sure you will get them the perfect present.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Thank you all for your creative ideas!  I did make them a family cookbook a few years ago, this year I am going to make them a photo album as suggested!  You ladies are great.  Lets do coffee or wine? Smiley Happy

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

@Calcgirl  Your son and his family have so much, a gift to those who have very little in their name would be appreciated.  They're obviously generous, paying for your house cleaning, that would make them happy I think. 

We've been doing that the past few years. We all have too much STUFF.  We do buy for the few younger little ones. And it feels so good to give where it's needed rather than some gift no one needs nor wants.

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Just buy them something you think they will like.  Everyone loves gifts and it's not about what people NEED.  I think that's a tacky way to think about gift giving.  Other than their occupations, you didn't tell us anything about them.  You didn't tell us how much you want to spend either so it's impossible to suggest something.