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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion


My son and his wife have told me the same thing. I always give them something that they never buy themselves, but he states please don't get us anything. I know they have the money to buy whatever they want, so this year I am passing on the gift. They have not done gift exchange for about 4 years. I like the idea regarding doing a photo album/frame from his childhood and including relatives. He is my first born and it just never seemed right to not get them something, but that is their wishes I guess.

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

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A donation in their name to a charity organiztion that may have meaning to them

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Tilet's to the zooRe: Christmas Present Suggestion

Not sure how much you are looking to spend:


Tickets to the zoo

A collection of your recipes if you make things they adore

Copy photos you cherish that they don't have and frame them

Gift Card to a spa

Gift Card to restaurant and homemade coupon to babysit.

A beautiful Christmas ornament or personalized ones for their family




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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Everyone has to eat.  Purchase a gift card to their choice of grocery store.

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

@FancyPhillyshopper    Excellent list.  Everyone ought to keep a copy for future reference. 

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

After years of collecting things...having a gift shop for years..


My DIL's said that don't want anything but I know they love "my things"..They are the best girls ever!


So I started a shopping game with them..They have 15 minutes to pick any 3 things from my "collections" that would like.

They get somethings that they would love and I get  to pare down some of my collectables ..They can have it now instead of inheriting later.


All my collections are behind glass and dust free.


My DH does the same with our boys

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

I tend to go with the 'respect their wishes' thing as, if it were me, I would hope that my wishes would be respected.   That is what they want, so I'd keep it about them and not make it about me.


If I asked that somebody please not bring gifts and they did I would be embarrassed for them, and a bit angry that I was disrespected.

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

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I would give them either a scented candle or a "flameless" candle.  You could also consider a wind chime.  

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

@Calcgirl  Your son is a pilot? WOW!!!  👍

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Do you have a fun activity around like zip lining or wall climbing?  Those activities are unusual and fun.


You could also look into a cooking service that delivers dinner, or an edible arrangement.