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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

This would be the perfect time that you could start giving them some of the things you want them to have of yours so you can see them enjoy it.  My mom did that with some of her stuff. I can tell you it was awesome. She gave me some quilts she and the grands made. The stories that came out of sharing make the quilts priceless to me. She gave me a candy dish which each Chrsitmas she put Hershey kisses in. I was told it was one of the few she let me touch I didn't break as a kid. Again, sharing memories is priceless. 

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Respect their wishes .... how aabout a note or card expressing to

them what you just expressed to us ....

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

My family and my 3 grown children and my one sister stopped exchanging xmass gifts about 5 years ago.  Instead, we all pick a family in need from our local food bank and buy glfts for them.  It's a great thing knowing you are helping someone who truly needs something.  I have 2 little grandkids and yes we still do gifts for them.

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

I love the suggestions about creating albums or books of old family photos.  My mother did that for me, and I cherish it always.  One year she found and framed a picture of my late father as a toddler, flanked by two siblings.  It was a very old picture, and my dad had a cute hairdo and wore a dress, as was common then.  Likely one of my favorites from all time.

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Is there a charity which is special to them?  Make a donation in their name.


As a kid who is often giving this same answer to a parent at Christmas for years - they honestly don't need anything.  We want to get together and see family for the holidays, presents are NOT necessary.  My Mother in Law would get very upset with us when we would tell her we did not need anything for the holidays.  We were being completely truthful as if we wanted something we could buy it for ourselves we just want to see the family together - No presents needed.


I realize your heart is in the right place but please abide by their wishes.  Give them something special by spending TIME NOT MONEY.  

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

do what the Royal family do and send each other joke gifts that make you laugh which cost little .

Or Kate one year got the Queen her home made jam , 

Maybe make a food item that they love that is healthy 

Farmers market honey is a nice gift 

I know you want to give them something and hope  your Christmas goes well 


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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

What do they like to do in their "down time?" Go in this direction to find a gift. A gift card to a bookstore, their favorite restaurant, a store they shop in, a spa day etc. You could also choose something that no matter how much they have another one would be appreciated like a beautiful scarf, gloves, or robe. I understand the need to get them a gift, and why not? 

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Sounds like they are quite well off.  You are entertaining them for Christmas - that will be your gift.

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion

Maybe give them the gift of not over sharing about their assets? 

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Re: Christmas Present Suggestion



Yes, so many of us have so much more than we really need (or want!).


But I understand the desire to give a present--I am a very, very generous gift giver and I never ask people what is on their "list," because to me that defeats the purpose of a surprise.


I also rarely give gift cards, because to me that lacks imagination.


I also ignore those who say buy nothing, as that defeats the intention of gifting.  (But since I never ask what they want, they never tell me buy nothing!). 


I also do not get mad if I do not get a thank you note, because I know my gifts are always well received.  It helps to know the personalities of the people.


So if STUFF and FOOD is not part of the equation, you should consider the gift of Memories and/or Time.  Yes, putting together a photo book is nice, but you may want to create some photos instead, such as during a special activity.


It is not clear how large is your budget, but you could consider a family gift.




A family cruise (with you.)





Tickets for the whole family to the Nutcracker ballet (with you).


A future day at an amusement park or water park hotel (with you).


Tickets to a sporting event (with you).


Fancy monogrammed pens for all.





A family photo session.


Family dinner at an extra special occasion restaurant (with you).


Dennis Basso blankets for everybody.


Cashmere scarves for everybody.


A day of snow tubing.







Tickets for a family movie night at a local movie theater (with you).


A cookie jar full of special home baked cookies.


Omaha Steaks meat collection.


A day of fun at the local zoo (with you).