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Good Morning, hoping everyone had a great weekend whether you were active or you just needed that much needed relaxing.


We went to the art shows on the water yesterday, we walked about 4 miles all together and it was a beautiful day, 70's and a slight lake breeze, then came home and grilled out.  Saturday we went to our 45th class reunion, hubby and I graduated in the same class so we had fun with that and it was just casual at a girls farm house.  What a beautiful home tucked back in the woods, 26 acres of land, 3 horses, white rail fences and a big brick home, which we weren't allowed in but the yard was nice and I didn't blame them for not wanting us inside.  We only stayed about 2 hours I think, which was long enough.  My back was hurting standing for so long.  


foxxie glad hubby is coming home and glad he didn't hurt himself.  I made muffins, and I just eat them in my hands haha, pancakes of course too.  I but make a blueberry roll that is so good.  I shouldn't make it though because I can eat half of it in one day! 


How is everyone else doing?


Almost a new month, hard to believe.   Have a wonderful day!

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Happy Monday everyone!


@Mmsfoxxie I hope your eyes are okay and the infection is gone!


@bopper How does your kitchen look?  MI has the best art festivals.....hands down!  I can't believe they didn't let all your dirty paws in the house!  I only went to my 10th reunion.....had a blast, but probably won't be back for another one.....unless I happen to be in MI!


I am not 100% but got it almost done.  Treadmill  3.8mi/48min.


My dog Rex is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to remove a lump from his elbow.  He's also gonna have his teeth cleaned.  The vet may have to remove a few teeth.  I wasn't expecting old doggie is not gonna be happy.  I am more concerned about the lump, and now this.  Asking for healing thoughts and prayers!


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Hi Everyone!  Been very lazy lately so haven't worked out in over a week!  Got to get back at it again.


Saturday I saw my optometrist and she said my eye looked great.  She is the one who found the macular hole.  She was please with how the eye looked and how my eyesight is doing so well.  That felt good.   Will pick up my new glasses in a couple of weeks.


Sunday I cleaned house and my sister stopped by for a visit.  Then before I knew it, the weekend was over!


@bopper  I LOVE blueberries and will often buy a lot of them during the summer and freeze them so I can have them during the winter too. Do that with blackberries and raspberries too.


@Mmsfoxxie hope your husband got home ok.  I don't blame him for feeling faint in that heat, it's been really bad.  Have a friend in Austin and she says its been awful.  Hope your eye infection is all gone!


@DrKelli glad to hear you are on the mend.


@MickD will be keeping your dog Rex in my thoughts.  Pleae let us know how things go.  Have to take Monty into the vet on Saturday and afraid they are going to bring up teeth cleaning for him.


Hi to everyone else!  Have a good rest of your day!