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I suffer as well.  Inner ear and mostly if I sleep or turn to my right side.  The Epley technique works but someone has to administer it.  In my case I seem to get the vertigo in May and Sept leading me to believe it might be something about climate or changes in atmosphere. 


It is not curable.  It is manageable and I do believe my grandmother had it.   Lucky me, heredity or not.  


The feeling.... everything spins and spins and spins. First time I thought I was going to die.  

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My doctor recommended the Epley Maneuver when I had a bout of vertigo.  Wouldn't hurt to try it.



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@Kachina624 wrote:

My doctor recommended the Epley Maneuver when I had a bout of vertigo.  Wouldn't hurt to try it.



I have had vertigo for about 5 years, it comes and goes. I take Meclizine twice a day till it leaves, in about 5 days. This Epley treatment is getting the crystals in your ears lined up. I had it done once by an ear Dr, but i still have light bouts of it.  Have to know when it comes, and learn to deal with it the best way you can. It never goes away.

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i'm afraid i don't have any magic answers for you but wish i did.  i suffer from vestibular migraines and sometimes the vertigo is so bad that i can't walk or see properly for weeks.  ENT is suggesting some PT (it's probably the 'maneuver' that was mentioned earlier) but PCP says that sometimes the PT works and sometimes it does not.   

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I went to the ENT years ago and he did the eplley maneuver. It did help for that episode of vertigo. I used to periodically get the dizziness but just for a moment and it wasn't bad. Now every now and then I get the kind where the room is spinning so fast and I sit on the floor and try to focus on something and let it pass. It is a terrible feeling. I even felt a little nauseated. I did the eplley maneuver on myself. The way it just comes out of nowhere is mind boggling, Thank you. I don't suffer alone I guess. It's just one of those things. Woman Mad

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I had my 1st attack last June. Said mine was likely an inner ear infection (virus) .  It stopped after 2 dayys.  I went to an ENT and they tried the Epely but it did nothing and they deterimined it was NOT caused by crystals in the inner ear.  She said it was not likely to come back. So far so good.

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Meclizine .... 


I have occasional bouts of positional vertigo - can't find the cause.  So, I keep the meds on hand.  My doc recommended:


Walgreens Wal-Dram II Antiemetic Travel Sickness Tablets

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The last couple of years I have had horrific bouts of dizziness and occasional vertigo.  Unbelievable discomfort and ruined my entire day because even if it got better I had a residual "feeling" of dizziness that drove me nuts.  Nothing much helped, including the travel sickness pills, the maneuver (actually made me feel sicker).... these episodes would happen every couple of weeks.  I started I on Levothyroxide (low dose) when it was discovered I had hyperthyroidism.  From that dose onward (which has been upped as needed for the hypothyroidism) I haven't had any episodes of dizziness or vertigo....  Is it related?  No one can tell me.  But I've been free of it for months and months now so did my thyroid cause it?  I don't know but I'm SO grateful it's gone.

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My Ent gave me diazepam It  helps. It does something to the inner ear which helps with vertigo and nause a I get with it. Mine comes and goes.  Sometimes bad sometimes barely noticeable. Hard to have.

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Wear ear plugs when you wash your hair, sometimes water gets in your ears and causes this.