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I had a bad case during my first year of college that put me in the hospital. I was really dizzy, but the room wasn't spinning - it was more of an "inner dizziness." They said it was a viral infection, most common in people who had ear problems of some kind. I was a swimmer, and had many inner ear infections (even though I did use plugs). As much as I like the water, I get very seasick when I'm on boats, even a ferry, and I have to wear a patch or take Dramamine. They put me on Antivert, but it was a month until I was able to return to class. 


@maximillian - I hope your friends feel much better! 



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The Epley maneuver is the best thing to do for vertigo.  Some doctors know about it, but more chiropractors are aware of it.  I suffered for years with vertigo seeing all kinds of doctors and taking all kinds of drugs.  Vertigo in most cases is the release of crystals in the middle ear.  From different movements, bending over, tilting head back, the crystals in the ear move out of place.  The Epley maneuver will help you put them back in place and it's like a miracle because you will feel fine when you're done, you just have to stay upright all day, no lying down.  All you need to do it is a flat surface and a pillow.  I do it by sitting on the edge of my bed.  If it doesn't work for you, then it's not benign positional vertigo, it's a different type of vertigo and this maneuver will not work.


If you suffer from vertigo, stop reading and go to Epley maneuver on youtube.  There are a bunch of different doctors showing how it's done.  It is really easy to do and I wish I would have known about it.  I suffered for a long time.  Good luck!

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My sister showed me this on You Tube, when I was having such bad problems earlier this year. 


Carol Foster, MD Vertigo Treatment Oct 11.  This has helped me, and I haven't had it since. Knock on wood.  Went in for Epley therapy and it did not help me.  Everyone should seek their doctors medical advice.  If nothing else, she explains it. 

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I am OP.  Thank you to all who replied.  Hopefully all who have had this condition are doing well.

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Epley is the way to go.  But having someone to help you do it  is more effective.  At the moment of the procedure you are MADE dizzy.... so much fun.  But it is a cure.  It usually takes 3 times back and forth. A helper can exert more force to push the crystals in place.  Yuk..... Heredity in my case, I am sure.  I thank my grandmother who I love  love love to this day and she gave me sooo much..... But this was one gift she should have kept to herself  LOL

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@maximillian wrote:

Two friends of mine have recently been diagnosed with vertigo.  I don't understand how this condition comes about.  In both cases, physicians have talked about the crystals in the ears.  Is this condition caused by a virus or by bacteria?  Does medication cure it or are some procedures called for?  Any knowledge of this, anyone?



There are so many causes of vertigo.   I will have random bouts that last maybe 30 seconds at a time.   I've had so many other health problems, I haven't gone for any treatment myself.


A friend who has debilitating bouts of vertigo was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease.   She's had various problems with her jaw and temporomandibular joint disorders all her life.   Could be related plus it's not that uncommon as we age to experience vertigo.

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@bonnielu wrote:

I suffer from this.  I get it twice a year usually when the weather changes.  It cannot be cured I am told.  If the crystals shift, usually when I turn my head in bed I get a sensation of dizziness where  I spin...everything is upside down and whirling.  It lasts about 10 seconds and then it takes a day or two for me to feel comfortable.  I do believe my grandmother had this.  I used to sit with her and hold her hand.  


The best treatment was the Epley technique but it is a movement that thrusts you forward and back and makes you dizzy until the dizziness disappears. My doctor who helped me with this retired.  NO more help. I am on my own.  I found a physical therapist who  gave me some exercises to do at home.  


When it strikes it is beyond words scary.  

Bonnielu, just an FYI.  I learned from my treatment with Chicago Dizziness and Hearing that there are more maneuvers than the Epley.  That works for a lot of patients.  However, it is used by physicians to attempt to eliminate vertigo.  Did not work for me.  I cannot even recall the name of the maneuver I do daily at home.  It is not the Epley.  This is the reason that Dr. Timothy Hain helped me.  With their equipment they can determine various things that will work depending upon the position of those crystals in the ear canal.  Just a thought, but if you are not in my Chicago area, perhaps you can call Dr. Hain's office and ask if they have a recommendation for a specialist in your area.


Take care and God Bless you.  Happy New Year to all !!!

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I have positional vertigo too, and do the exercises that you find on youtube.  My physician told me that all of us have small calcium stones, or crystals, in our inner ear and in some people they come out and others never have a problem.  I've had the epley maneuver done in office and it does help. 

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Is the Epley maneuver merely sitting up straight for some time? 


I didn't understand if that was all you had to do.

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My first experience with vertigo was in 1993 while seated at a conference table, absolutely still.  It was followed 20 minutes later by another episode, both quite severe, but both resolved.  It was 9 years until I once again had an episode and at that time we had moved back to California and I was on the floor in one of my teaching labs, on my back reaching up and craning my neck to re-wire a temporal bone drill into the microscope station, when it started again.  I immediately laid down flat on my back and turned my head in the opposite direction and it abated.


At that point, I sought the assistance of an ENT and got very lucky.  Located at Scripps, La Jolla, this physician not only performed the Epley Manuver on me, but then indicated he was going to apply a vibrating device to a spot about 5 cm above the mastoid process behind my left ear.  This was done for a bit less than 10 seconds, followed by a rest, then repeated.  It served to cause the micro-crystals to rise up within the fluid in which they exist, then "hopefully" settle back down into the proper position.  He told me that in driving back to work I was absolutely not to turn my head driving (use mirrors on the car) and to not turn my head at work or driving home for the remainer of the day.  The vertigo passed with that treatment.


Since then about once every 12-18 months vertigo strikes, so I would return to him and have successful vibratory therapy every time.  Then we moved to another state and I sadly lost this wonderful ENT.


My new ENT said, "Oh, yes, I can do that vibration therapy, follow me!"  After which, we take a very short walk down a hall and into a dark room.  There before me is a chair that looks like an old fashioned dentist's chair.  Ick!  He tells me to sit in it, so I do.  Then he proceeds to place a bowl, it's a bowl the size of a child's cereal bowl, on the left side of my entire head.  He flips a switch and my entire head starts shaking.  But wait, he isn't done!  This darn bown travels all the way around the back of my head over to the right, all the while my head is shaking like crazy.  I finally told him to stop, as I thought this the most ridiculous this ever - like some Victorian contraption.  And, indeed that's what it turned out to be.


Laster that day, I came to realize my vertigo was worse.  I had vertigo in positions I never had before.  Called his office the next day.  He writes a scrip for me to go to "vestibular therapy," so I go.


This 20-something physical therapist places me on a table, puts humongous goggles over my eyes and turns on a screen.  She does a slo-mo Epley on me, while looking at images of my eye movements while doing this.  The eye movements are supposed to be indicative of what is going on with one's vertigo, except she kept saying things like, " Hmmm, I don't quite understand this," and "....where is..."  and "...your eye aren't..."   Finally I asked her what the problem was and she said my eyes weren't reacting like they should.  So I suggest we stop and come back to it at my next appointment.  She was clearly stumped.


So, I get home from this "vestibular therapy" appointment to then realize that my vertigo is even worse - way worse - and again had NEW sources of positional vertigo -  than it was after I saw my ENT, so now I am furious.   Who ARE these people, anyway, I keep asking myself?  They have no idea what they're doing and they're practicing on me.  ( I come from a backround in clinical research and surgical training.)


Note to self:  Get an Alaska Airline ticket on sale and fly to San Diego to see Dr. M. at Scripps.


My vertigo is now clear.  Next time I have vertigo, I get on a plane and go to Dr. M. at Scripps in La Jolla for sure.