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Re: The second shoe dropped.

Breast Cancer Awareness...spread the word!!

I am very sorry to hear this. You certainly have my thoughts and prayers. I just went through breast cancer, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. I am young to have experienced this, but we know breast cancer knows no age.

I would like to encourage you with the fact that these women are young, treatment today is at it's very best, and this cancer is not the life sentence that it once was back in the day. There are so many wonderful medicines and treatments available all over the country today that it can be treated well and the patient can recieved a diagnosis of

being cured of this episode and move on with their life.

This has happened for me and many friends I have and ladies I have made friends with this past year.

My best advice for you and everyone in your family is not to panic, and do not assume the worst. I found that a calm head and positivity was very effective for me and my family in getting all of us through it all. Rest, a good diet, and prayer, and lots of those three carried me the rest of the way.

I will advise that always ans always asking lots and lots of questions from the oncologists and nursed and all people involved in your daughter's-in-law care will be extremely beneficial to them and all family mdembers. A knowledgeable mind will put a lot of fear and uncertainty to rest.

Have faith in the people caring for the women. Trust in the Lord to carry them through it.

He never brings us to anything that He hasn't prepared us to handle, with His help.

I will be praying for these two ladies, their dear husband's, and all of their family.

God has a purpose for each of us, even when we face life's difficulties. The good news is that He always brings us out even better for it on the other side. Trust Him.

I wish you His best. Smile

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Re: The second shoe dropped.

I'm so sorry. Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers. My mom has two sisters, both of whom were diagnosed with breast cancer within a year of each other. Both are doing well now. Genetic screening results show it's not genetic, just bad luck, but I'm terrified for my mom.

I wish both your daughters a speedy recovery. They're lucky to have a mother in law who cares so much.

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Re: The second shoe dropped.

Yes, di-mc,

Please join us in the Cancer Survivors thread. We are not all survivors, as some of us are in active treatment (I avoid the word "chemo" for there are many non-chemo treatments such as immunotherapy) for many types of cancer, caregivers, spouses, family and support systems.

We provide unbiased support, information and compassion for one another.

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Re: The second shoe dropped.

I'm very sorry. This disease has touched our family and friends too. Your daughters-in-law are lucky to have you as they walk through this. I will pray for you.

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Re: The second shoe dropped.

On 10/1/2014 di-mc said:
On 10/1/2014 Kathleen said:
On 10/1/2014 di-mc said:

We are all in shock. Both women were/are in their early 40's when diagnosed.

Prayers are appreciated.


I recently saw an article about the prolonged use of birth control pills and breast cancer. There have been some lawsuits ...

We've wondered about that. Both women took the pill for years. It seems to be the only thing they have in common.

Prayers for you and your whole family, di-mc. Yes, the prolonged use of the pill (with its artificial hormones/estrogen) increases the risk of breast cancer, the cancer that women are more likely to develop than any other. That's why the World Health Organization classifies the pill as a Group I carcinogen, the same classification it assigns asbestos and nicotine. But as other posters have noted, great strides are being made in combatting it, and you have every reason to be hopeful. As someone who has been living with brain cancer for many years, I can tell you that faith, family, and friends are your best companions on this journey. May God bless and keep all of you!

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Re: The second shoe dropped.

I am so sorry to hear of your heartache. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

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Re: The second shoe dropped.

Praying and hoping the outcome will be good. Just take a deep breath, one day at a time. I've done that been there with a rare form of blood cancer for 9 yrs and still frighting it. I have done it all including a dangerous umbilical cord blood transplant ( 30% survival rate). But I made it. So be strong for your beloved DIL and son. Whatever is your form of worship, prayer is a very powerful tool. Please use it as often as you possibly can. It worked for me so far. Just remember I will pray and wishing your family the best outcome.