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Re: The dreaded mammogram call


@chrystaltree wrote:

I had my yearly mammogram 3 weeks ago and a few days later I got the call to come back for a diagnostic mammogram and a breast ultrasound.  I didn't tell hubby or anyone except my friend who is a physician.  I didn't want to worry anyone and 3 weeks was such a long time to wait.  My friend explained it's not uncommon and 90% of the time repeat mammograms show nothing or it's something benign like a cyst. I didn't panic or overreact but I did think about it when things were quiet..  I'm fortunate,  just a tiny little cyst.  Of no significance at all.  Much too tiny to think about removing and unlikely to change.  No follow up, just continue with my yearly mammograms.  It's a big relief.  

Thank God, I know it's a relief.  I had the same thing and had a mammo, just two months before and it was OK. My Dr. did a breast exam for some reason and found a lump.  That, as you know, is the worst news.  It was on a Friday, so I had to wait until Monday to make appt. for another mammo and ultrasound.  While I  was waiting, about 5 women before me, all of us nervous.  Mine showed nothing in the mammo or ultrasound.  I saw three of the women and they also had good news.  This was two years ago and then covid came, so I waited until a month ago and asked for another mammo.

My new Dr. a young women, said because of my age, don't need one.  My old Dr. retired, and I brought her up to date, although it should have been in my chart.  I told her, I don't care how old I am, i am entitled to a mammo every year if I want one.  She made an appt for me.  My friend who is 95 was told when she was 82, she had to wait two years, and she listened to Dr. being old school and the Dr. always right. Well the next year, she had breast cancer. They caught it in time and she is cancer free at 95.  You need to be your own advocate and tell your Dr. what you are entitled for in your own body.  Too many older folks think the Dr. is always right.

I wish I still had my older Dr. he was great.  Not impressed with this new younger generation of Dr. although maybe i just have one that is too young. 

Happy for your good news.

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Re: The dreaded mammogram call

I too have had the dreaded  "call back" and have had two biopsies in two years. Turned out to be benign breast calcifications that showed up as little white specks on mammogram.  Very scary though getting the call back for more testing.  And because I have very dense breast tissue, I must have ultrasounds with my mammos every year now.

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Re: The dreaded mammogram call

@chickenbutt wrote:

So glad it's ok!!!  Smiley Happy


I've never had a mammo but one time, decades ago, I had been to the gyno for  a routine exam and didn't know of any problem.


Well, one Friday evening I came home from work and there was a postcard in the mail telling me that I had cancer (it was only S2).  Well, what the heck!  You couldn't have called me?   It said to give them a ring.  Well, being that it was Friday night, like others here had to deal with, I had to wait until Monday to call and find out the rest of the story.


I never imagined I'd get something like that on a freaking postcard!

@chickenbutt  That’s unacceptable and I can imagine how you felt. 


I had something similar where I got a cheery sounding nurse leaving a message on my answering machine, announcing I had something that changed my life. I was stunned that it was handled that way. 

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Re: The dreaded mammogram call

that is great news, and that must be a relief! I had my mammogram almost a month ago, and never got the report, or the letter saying it was benign. When I called the radiology company, I was told they are very behind, and the report has not been written. And only a provider could expedite the report. After a month, I thought that was ridiculous. I realize they're behind, but a month? I had one of my providers call, and I'm still waiting for the report. I'm glad yours went well. 

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Re: The dreaded mammogram call

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I know how you feel. I once had a pap smear come back "funny" and had to wait 3 months for a follow-up. Everything was fine and I never told my husband. THAT was hard but I didn't want to worry him, especially if there was no need to. And it turned out there wasn't.

I'm glad you got good news.