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My daughter couldn't sleep last night at all, and she's a hospice nurse and busy all day, her leg kept her awake, and tried Aleve PM, didn't do anything, also Iboprofin, nothing. Poor girl, she's in her 40's, and works hard. Does anyone here have that problem and can it be solved?

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@gloriajean Being a nurse she should talk to a doctor about restless leg syndrome, shouldn't she?

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Is this a normal issue for her or just happened for one night?


I use Hyland Restful Legs and I've had some luck with it but I've had restless legs for probably 30 years and I just sort of deal with it. When it first started I thought I was going nuts and then I saw a random article on the topic in Redbook or something. This was well before it was a regular topic, and they even said you feel like you're crazy. Smiley Surprised



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She's a nurse, she knows what to do.  

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Realizing that she's a busy nurse and on her feet all day, maybe you could mention Ropinirole that she could discuss with her Dr.

so very thankful for all nurses. ❤️

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So sorry, I can relate. In the heat of the moment, one will try anything for relief. One  thing I have learned is that Aleve can cause insomnia. Aleve pm contains benadryl which exacerbates restless legs for many.

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I've posted this before but what worked for me was stopping carbonated drinks and taking medicine that has the word "sinus" in it (Advil Sinus, etc.). I also take Andrew Lessman's Vein and Leg Support but the restless legs stopped when I quit the first two things I mentioned. I didn't come up with it. I read an article that said it would work so I tried it. 

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My first thought was to look into accupuncture.

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Check drug store over the counter for restless legs.  I spotted several --- picked up


one.................... bottle of tiny pills to put under tongue &  It dissolves instantly. 


I have only needed one twice but it worked for me. 

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My mom takes OTC ecotrin and it works for her.  God bless her for what she does. She is an angel on earth.

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