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Re: Preparing for a Doctor yearly physical

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Actually adoctor can tell quite a bit from a simple urine dipstick test. My doctor has all his patients bring in a urine sample when they go to get their blood work drawn.

@151949 I have never had a doctor do that. I can only remember ever peeing in a cup twice. My doctor always runs thyroid tests, cbc, cmp, a1c, lipid panel & the Vit D test yearly.

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Re: Preparing for a Doctor yearly physical

My insurance makes me take a yearly physical, and I have one coming up in July.  I am as fat as a pig, and I just HATE getting on that scale and finding out how much more I have gained Woman SadWoman Mad. I  just seem to be gaining more and more, and can't see that I am eating more.  I'm sure it's coming from somewhere!  Other than the scale, I have no problem with the physical.  I know it is preventative, and am fine with that.  I am fairly healthy, thankfully.