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I have Osteo my bone density scan read -3.3 and my Vitamin D level is now up to 17. From 13.. I've been taking prescription Vit D 50,000 IU twice a week and Vit D3 5,000IU for over 6 months and my Vit D level only came up 4pts.... I break bones easy and I really have to be careful.... But you have time to exercise get your bones stronger.....I agree with 1poster EAT Tums....b/c all of the above didn't help me but it hurt my pocket book.....I'm only 55yr old and have had Osteo for 3yrs now..... Plz do something now......
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On 3/6/2015 tsavorite said:

Hi lizzys thank you for the information I will check that out.

I am disappointed somewhat with my doc's call today. The nurse told me he is not ordering a bone scan as the x-ray is good enough. From what I am reading that doesn't seem correct as it can't tell me if I am right on the edge of osteopenia or osteoporosis. I told her this but he's not ordering one. He does want me to do physical therapy for OA/neck/back so that is good....I recently did PT for hip pain (last Nov) from sports medicine doc.

I was told to take 1000mg's of calicum and 2000ius o d3. From what I have read 1200mg's is best along with the other minerals.

So I am thinking should I be seeing a rheumatologist? or go to my gyno and bring my x-ray reports and see about getting the bone scan? I am thinking this is very important and I don't want to wait until it's osteoporosis...want to hopefully reverse it.

Newnick if I make any decision on a vest I'll post about it for sure...that link in my other post talks about that hyper vest pro but I am not sure that's right for me just says 10lb that would be to much to start I am thinking. I believe you can make it lighter to start still researching that one.

Perhaps the new PT place I will be going this time will have ideas on this. I really need to get pain relief......{#emotions_dlg.blushing}

On a side note I decided to stop the Rolfing sessions I was doing (did 3) and had no results at all.....just to expensive for nothing.

Tsavorite, I agree with you. I think you absolutely should see your gynecologist about getting a bone scan. My doctor routinely orders bone scans every two years. She's never mentioned doing x-rays. I have osteopenia. It started about six years ago and has never gotten worse.

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Go to your gyn or an endocrinologist specializing in Osteoporosis
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On 3/3/2015 tsavorite said:

Thanks Win....I don't drink any pop but need to increase leafy green veggies! I'll go back to making green drinks this is the easiest way for me to eat spinach.

I do take vit d....1000iu's my d level was low at 27 so I just increased to 2000iu's tonight. I do not take any calicum....have to look into this. have you done to keep it from going to osteoprosis?

Working out correctly with weights is next on my list...that's why I looked at the online place with easy to follow directions....I basically need a routine to follow that's simple.

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Oh, my GYN said last year that we "might need to talk about taking osteo meds." I am defying the idea of taking this and that. Been there; done that. More often than not, these medicines (cholesterol and bone density, for instance) end up being found to have harmful side-effects years down the line... my GYN suggested weight-bearing exercises.. but this needs to be OK'd by your doctor. Even walking helps me...

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A set of X-rays is enough to diagnose osteopenia? What are your symptoms?
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Re: Osteopenia....

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@winamac1 wrote:

weights! Use weights-limit excessive protein and limit sodas. also eat lots of dark green leafy veggies and take calcium and vitamin d. Do weight-bearing exercises. You must have a T score between 1.1 and 2.5 to be considered osteopenic.

I agree with everything you said except limiting excessive protein (unless your emphasis is on the word "excessive" in which case I agree because no one should be eating protein excessively or exclusively Smiley Happy).  Of course Vitamin D is crucial (along with calcium) for maintaining bone density and Vit. D is found in eggs and fatty fish and they are protein sources.  In addition...protein is needed for building muscle.  Adding muscle to the body causes the bones to increase in density because a stronger skeleton is needed to maintain the muscle mass.  But don't go by what I say OP.  Osteopenia can also be caused by different things including other diseases.  Check with your doc and/or a nutritionist to see how you can modify your diet specifically for your needs.


As far as lifting weights....the best weight-bearing exercises would be compound exercises and those involving the larger muscle groups.  If you are new to working out please consult with a sports medicine professional to design a good program for you. Smiley Happy





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I took both Actenol and Boniva and neither did much . Yoga, weight bearing exercises and walking have done more for me. In addition, I take Andrew Lessmans calcium with Magnesiumm ( also has Vit D) Vit K and eat plain Greek yogurt daily. My hygenist also warned me that prescription osteoporosis meds can harm your gums. I also switched to almond milk which has lots of calcium. Eat lots of greens also.