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Any suggestion for bone graft and implant surgery? I am having a lower crown extracted on the right and grafting for sure done on the left. The right might require grafting, but if not process for implant started. I am not looking forward to the healing process. I am wondering about whether it is best to get a temporary crown put on or if best to wait for actual implant. ?????
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I've had implants and crowns and I don't think you can do what you are saying if I'm reading you right.  The implant is a metal post anchored into you jaw.  If you need a bone graft it means you don't have enougth natrual bone to implant the post.  So first step is graft, then the post.  You can probably put a temporary cap on at the time, but must wait several months for the swelling to go down in order to get the perfect fit on a permanent crown.  Certainly you need to clarify the procedure with your dentist.


P.S. Procedure is not too bad if you get lots of novacaine and maybe some "happy gas" or a relation medication to take befoe the procedure.

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You need to set up a meeting with your dentist before proceding.  It sounds like you have several very important questions and since your dentist knows what's up with your situation, he/she should be the one you speak to.  Best of luck!

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I had bone implant (really now it's a plastic implant) had to go to oral surgeon. Had to take antibodics 3 days before then a relaxtor pill an hour before I was awake it took 45 min. I felt no pain & wish Dr. & nurse stopped asking questions during it because had a hard time answering. LOL My problem was afterwards, very soft foods for 3 months. I had to go back once a week for a month then once every 2 weeks. I have to make sure to floss that area everyday seems it's an area that I need to watch out for. No pain but eating soft foods for 3 months was my problem. I am done now but stock up on soups and anything you can that is soft plus eat on the good side. Just do what they say really no pain just a pain in the butt going back for appts for check ups & that soft food. You will be fine.

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Re: Dental surgery

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I had a 3 unit permanent fixed bridge fail and am in process of getting 2 implants for a bridge.  I required bone grafting.  The graft was done in January and I have to wait until next month  (July) to evaluate if enough bone has grown.  If so,  (fingers crossed), he will place the posts (implants).  I am not sure what the heal time is before the permanent bridge can be affixed.  From what I recall when I worked in a dental clinic, there is another 6 months before permanent unit can be affixed.  I know during that interim we placed temporaries that were removable so implants could be checked.


I had no issues with the bone graft. I took 800mg of motrin before I left for the appointment. They numbed me up good, placed the bone, stitched up the area then covered it with grafting material. I left with a prescription for antiobiotics for 5 days and pain medication.  


On the way home DH and I stopped to eat (soft food).  I returned one week later for post op.  I ate soft foods and chewed on opposite side of graft for about a week.  Was careful I didn't disrupt the area of the the graft for about  a month.


You appear to have questions only your dentist may be able to fully explain.  I know it can get confusing.  I hope all goes well.