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Check out Algaecal at the site of the same name. They have calcium and strontium and there is a lot of useful information there.

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On 3/3/2015 tsavorite said:

Thanks Win....I don't drink any pop but need to increase leafy green veggies! I'll go back to making green drinks this is the easiest way for me to eat spinach.

I do take vit d....1000iu's my d level was low at 27 so I just increased to 2000iu's tonight. I do not take any calicum....have to look into this. have you done to keep it from going to osteoprosis?

Working out correctly with weights is next on my list...that's why I looked at the online place with easy to follow directions....I basically need a routine to follow that's simple.

Hi TSavorite. I wish I didn't drink pop, but I do. I drink a couple a day, and I know I shouldn't. I eat a lot of green, leafy veggies, and I also avoid beef. I eat greek yogurt daily and take supplements. I agree with Shelbelle. I also try to add Vitamin K and Magnesium and Boron in my calcium supplements. Weights are key though. Good luck!

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My brother has it, going towards osteoporosis and he just broke a bone in his foot. I asked the Dr. What could help (already takes calcium w/D, etc.). Dr. recommended working out with weights and WALKING as the best and safest weight bearing exercise. He also mentioned Prolia (sp?), the new shot Blythe Danner has an ad for; he's had patients with good results so far.
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I had a bone density test done a few years ago and was diagnosed with it. I started to walk every day. Its now gone. I don't use weights. I am 60. Smiley Happy

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On 3/4/2015 DEBNY said:

Check out Algaecal at the site of the same name. They have calcium and strontium and there is a lot of useful information there.

I ran across this one today as I was on a site lists this as one of the better products to take. This site is interesting and I am just reading some right now to learn.

What I am concerned with also is the calicum that is made from ground up oyster shells...reminds me of glucosamin/chondrotian I had a reaction to them...breathing and esophagus area felt constricted some after taking. I stopped and retried several times but it happened over and over again finally tossed that out and thought I must be allergic to shell fish.

Not sure if I would have a reaction to algae...

Also on the osteopenia3 site she recommends a weighted vest...a specific son has one of these and it hurts my shoulders with all my arthritis. But this one is supposed to keep the weight right close to the body and no shoulder strain. This might be good for me for walks or as the other lady poster here does house work in hers. Great idea!

My doctor's office has not returned my 2 calls yet! Its kinda getting late so I hope they call tomorrow unless he's not in this week??? I just want to get the bone scan so I know exactly what I am dealing with and where for sure. Also they found some other things on the x-rays that need further testing.

Thank you all for taking the time to share what you are using I really appreciate it.


this is about using weight vest to help with spine...but mine is in my neck presently....until bone scan don't know if it's further down spine too. Either way this could help prevent the rest of it going into osteopenia or osteoprosis.

Found a neck exercise on the save your bones site that I am doing...she has a video (youtube) and it feels very good to do.

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I do the exercise program on melioguide dot com. Margaret Martin is a physical therapists that specializes in helping people with osteoporosis. She developed workout routines based on your fitness level and your bone density level. There is a wealth of information on her website as well as youtube videos. This will help you decide whether you want to sign up for the exercise program. The program also has videos to show you how to safely do the exercises and videos on how to do every day activities safely too. I am so glad I found Margaret Martin!

If you google melioguide and weighted vests she has a few articles about them too.

Let us know what your doctor says.

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Hi tsavorite! I 'd really appreciate it if you'd post any additional ""weighted vest"" info that comes your way. I do wear my vest every day but I'm always looking for something I can wear under my street clothes. Thanks also to you lizzys!
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Hi lizzys thank you for the information I will check that out.

I am disappointed somewhat with my doc's call today. The nurse told me he is not ordering a bone scan as the x-ray is good enough. From what I am reading that doesn't seem correct as it can't tell me if I am right on the edge of osteopenia or osteoporosis. I told her this but he's not ordering one. He does want me to do physical therapy for OA/neck/back so that is good....I recently did PT for hip pain (last Nov) from sports medicine doc.

I was told to take 1000mg's of calicum and 2000ius o d3. From what I have read 1200mg's is best along with the other minerals.

So I am thinking should I be seeing a rheumatologist? or go to my gyno and bring my x-ray reports and see about getting the bone scan? I am thinking this is very important and I don't want to wait until it's osteoporosis...want to hopefully reverse it.

Newnick if I make any decision on a vest I'll post about it for sure...that link in my other post talks about that hyper vest pro but I am not sure that's right for me just says 10lb that would be to much to start I am thinking. I believe you can make it lighter to start still researching that one.

Perhaps the new PT place I will be going this time will have ideas on this. I really need to get pain relief......

On a side note I decided to stop the Rolfing sessions I was doing (did 3) and had no results at all.....just to expensive for nothing.

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If you don't have hand weights yet, or need to work your way up, start with heavy soup/veg cans. My mom took Actonel and it helped her improve from osteoporosis to osteopenia. It's like Fossomax, but what the docs determined was more compatible with her hypothyroidism and synthroid. She also took Caltrate +, since the body needs additional minerals to aid in calcium absorption.
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Make sure you take TUMS. Yes, Tums. I recently had my thyroid removed. The Dr thought I'd had a stroke because my side went numb after the surgery. They did tests and decided that when the Dr removed the thyroid she saved the tiny things (forget what it's called) that makes calcium and for a very, very short time they stopped working because they were 'stunned'.

They started working (thank goodness) but she said to take Tums every day. They are better on your stomach and absorbed better. She is a well known thoratic surgeon, that's all she does.

Then I went to my Endo Dr and he said the same thing. Take Tums don't waste your money on other junk.