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90/60 is just the medical term for low blood pressure.  However if your normal blood pressure is that and you are having no symptoms, then I would never take any medications.  And I would expect the physician would not put you on medications.  My cardiologist told me that it is better to have a lower blood pressure than a higher blood pressure. 

The problem is when you start to develop symptoms, and that is the BIG key.  Because your heart is having a much harder time beating blood to the reat of your body.  That is why you are having symptoms. 


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My husband has lost 30lbs ( didn’t try, was mostly a fluid overload thing) since he was ill this past winter & his BP continues to be on the low side..he just saw his PCP today & since his labs are in normal range, the Dr wants him to start taking 1/2 of his BP med, which includes a other changes..he is active, works out at the gym 4 days a week. We continue watching his BP regularly.