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@phoenixbrd  My problem is I get bored with everything.  My late husband was just the opposite (so is my oldest daughter).  She and he finish everything.  


When they were little all I had to say to them to 'straighten them out' was, "Are going to have to talk to your Father about this". They'd say, "Noooooooo".  Ha!  (Very seldom did he have to hear about the problem).  The message was, 'Dad always followed through...Mom would forget and move on'.  (Like if I said, "Go to your room".  In 5 minutes they'd be out and I'd have forgotten.  He'd make sure they stayed in there.).  Like that.


Anyway, totally off subject (why now be any different).  Where was I?  Oh!  So I hope to see resuts pretty quickly.  Otherwise, you guys might have to say, "So Annabell, are you using the light box?"  Then I'll feel guilty (something I often feel) and go back to it.


I've read a lot about it and it's helped a lot of people.  On Amazon (the one I got) a lady put up a picture of her beautiful cat and she said it really helped her cat??? Whatever works, right?  Ha!


Take care and have a wonderful Christmas or whatever you celebrate.  I get frustrated because everyone has lost all meaning of what the day is supposed to be.  I wasn't any different when my girls were young.


I recently had all of the VHS tapes my husband took over the years converted to DVD's for the girls (very, very expensive, but worth it).  It made me realize how overboard I went.  I bought everything and in all of the videos it's so funny because my late husband would set the camera on the tri-pod and let the film roll.  You can see him laying in the floor with the girls saying, "Let me see that!  What does that do?  Wow!  That's neat".  The words were genuine because he only did his Christmas shopping for me on Christmas Eve and the day before Christmas Eve.  I'd send him out with a list of what I couldn't find and he was to find it.  As my girls got bigger and went with him, the gifts he gave me were way more expensive and amazing!  (They liked spending Daddy's money and buying Mommy expensive jewelry).  Ha!


To give you an example.  The first few Christmas' (because we were only 19 and didn't have much money) one gift to me was obviously on sale because it was a horrible purple sweater and it had a hole in it!  Ha!  We waited 7 years to have children because we were so young and I wanted to be able to stay at home and raise them.  My family thought I couldn't have children since we waited so long; but we had a plan.  We both had terrible childhoods and made sure our children and married life would be like you'd see on TV (Father Knows Best, Make Room for Daddy, etc).


Wow!  I've blabbered on and on.  This is exactly why I always say, "I've never met a stranger".  Because I give some of myself to them and strangers tell me things I'm sure they don't discuss with others.  I talk to people (conversations) everywhere.  I love, love people.


Anyway, (must be a word I like a lot), you take care.  I often think about people who have no one in their lives.  If I knew them I'd say, "It's just one day.  It's whatever YOU want it to be.  If you are sad, hang in there, it will be over soon".  Not everyone has someone.


I gave a homeless many a $5 bill while waiting for a light in my car.  He gave me the biggest toothless (well he had maybe 3 teeth) grin and said he was going right over to the "all you can eat" restaurant across the street.  He said he had a little to add to it (I felt guilty I hadn't given him $10 but the light changed).  Ha!


OMG!  I've written a book!  I should push delete.....but..

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@Annabellethecat66  It is so obvious you have a big loving heart.  I enjoyed hearing the stories about your husband and daughters.  You two worked to make your life joyful and meaningful.  You have live a very rich life full of good memories.  And, yes, we will hold you accountable for the results of that light boredom here!  Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow!  Much love and a Merry Christmas!

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@morganjen wrote:

I tried one once and it gave me a migraine.


You have to start out slow and build up to the time the doc prescribed. I learned the hard way, lol. If 5 minutes is good, an hour would be great, right? Wrong ! Too much time = too much serotonin = bad headache. It's best to use these under a doc's supervision. 

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OK, so who's been wondering how I'm doing with my light box?


No one?  I don't blame is boring.


So, between the snow and cloudy days...I've been sitting here like a chicken on an egg.  Not every day...but here and there.


Incidentally, the person who'd commented about the light not being good for people with cataracts, I've read that.  That's why I wear glasses specifically made (and to be worn) while sitting in front of a light box.


I told you guys, I researched and thought about this thing for a few years.


It's still very boring....