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Well, I've been looking into and thinking about getting a 'light box' for at least 3 (maybe more) years.


I finally just bought one.  I've known for a long time I'm very much affected by dark, dreary days (especially in the winter).


Even when I was in high school and when I worked I would stay home if I could.  When I quit the government job I actually owed them money!  Ha!


Anyway, I've almost bought one a few times but (I'm famous for this) I'd drift over to something else and never ordered one.


I've done so much research....well...I just needed to get one.


Anyway, I'm curious.  Does anyone else here use a light box?  Have you had good results with your's?


I know someone who swears by their's.  I'm a person who's always willing to try new and different things.  By being an 'explorer' I've made my life better in many different ways.


If something makes sense to me.....I'll try it.  I do have a tendency though to loose interest...I'll try to stick with this one.


I do take prescription Vitamin D and I have IGG and get infusions.  It all helps.  Most people in my life just think I become a hermit in the Winter.


My oldest daughter is greatly affected by the cold Winter months.  If she could, she'd live in Florida year around.

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I live in the Sunbelt.  The last thing we need is a sunbox.  We look forward to a dreary day as a rare treat.  Sun is shining brightly right now in a perfect blue sky.  Our sun is more intense than Florida's due to higher altitude.  I'm at about 5800 ft.

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Best of luck. I have read good things about them. Merry Christmas

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I think I need one of these too.  The Christmas tree lights really help my mood but once they are gone I'm really blue.


Someday I'll order one probably, maybe.


@Annabellethecat66  I hope it works for you. Did you get it at Amazon

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Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is very common where there isn’t a lot of sunlight during the Fall/Winter months. Treatment for SAD may include light therapy (phototherapy) I have a light by Verilux “HappyLite” sunshine simulator. It really helps with my moods. If I don’t use it on cloudy days I have no energy and just want to sleep all day. I need sunshine. I use it while putting on my make up each morning. They also have light bulbs that you can put in you lamps, etc. when ever I need light I just set it up in front of me. (Paying bills, reading, doing my arts and crafts.) it really does help. Makes me happy and in a better mood. On sunny mornings I go outside in my back yard and sit in the sunshine for about 30 minutes. Drink my coffee/tea and enjoy the birds. I hope this helps.
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@Naturesbeauty  Thanks for the reply.  I've done so much research on this I could probably write a paper for English class...Ha!


I just loose interest in everything so quickly, I never did buy one....until this afternoon.


I just wondered if anyone else here owns one.  It must be at least 10,000 lux strong or it isn't a real light box.


Also a really good light box will filter out the harmful light.  I always worry about anything that will cause the brown spots on faces.  


Anyway, stay tuned.  I'll try to remember to let everyone know if it helps.


I know a lot of people have SAD to some degree they just don't realize why they feel like they do on sunny days versus rainy, dark cloudy days.

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I understand completely @Annabelletheca....If I had not moved to the Southwest years ago, I would have bought one .I couldn’t take the dreary northwest any longer. Even with the sunshine we get here, I still feel dreary if there are a few cloudy days in a row.

I hope it works for you, and btw Merry Christmas to you ! 

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I tried one once and it gave me a migraine.

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@Annabellethecat66  I'm looking forward to hearing your results.  Like you, I've thought about purchasing for years.  As you know, SAD is real and there are results using the light box.  Much happiness on those dreary days!

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I have used a sunlight lamp for many years---and it does seem to help my outlook. I live in WA state and the grey, rain, gloom is ever present for most the year. I have my lamp at my laptop table so I get a couple hours a day. but it is not a quick fix--prob many months and so gradual you may not notice. Also it needs to shine in your eyes --not like someone blasting you with a flash light, but it must reach your eyes to work. My light is tall so it shines over my face downward---my cat even sits under it too. Its not hot either but the bulbs are pretty pricey--mine just burned out but have had it going for at least 6 years or more. Got mine from AMZ and it was not bad $$ wise.