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Re: Increase Protein Intake For Women Over 50

@sidsmom wrote:



Unhealthy sources such as meat, cheese, eggs.


Those %s  mentioned could e.a.s.i.l.y. be obtained from

a whole food plant based sources with 

much, much less inflammation & long-term damage to the body. 


And of course, higher % of protein brings higher % of fat, as well.


The validity of eating protein to 'lose body fat' & 'maintain lean muscle'

is the result of heavy Marketing by the National Livestock & Meat Board,

California Dairy Farmers & the American Egg Board. 

Funny how people have bought into this hype!


Such Bro-Science.

It a question asked a 1000x a day for plant-based people,

"Where do you get your proooooteeeeeen?"


I don't consider chicken or eggs to be unhealthy and I don't consider all cheese to be unhealthy either.