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Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

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I am wondering if anyone else has issues with this?  I'll give a example....not long ago I had to do a vaginal ultrasound & transvaginal ultrasound....they had me drink 32oz's of water 1hr before to prepare.  I could only manage 28oz's...I was able to get thur the ultrasound but really need to go badly LOL!  Well next they have you empty your bladder....and when I came back to do the next step my bladder still had to much urine in it left.  I had to wait and try several times to release more.  Then they could finish the transvaginal ultrasound.


I find that things like my morning cup of coffee really make me go ....seems to over stimulate my bladder.  Thinking of "weaning" myself off of  coffee.  BUT if I drink water or something like OJ (I almost never drink juice or pop either or alcohol for that matter) I have that fill up urge to go quickly after. 


After doing some googling...I see the normal times to pee daily is like 6-8times....I go more then this.  



Also my Bun to Creatinine ratio is always high on my tells me I am dehydrated and to drink MORE WATER.  So I do all the time trying to fix that lab outcome and still it is high!  


About 5yrs or longer ago I went to see a urologist....they did that awful test where you drink the 32oz's of water...ultrasound and other hook up censor...and same thing happened I couldn't fully empty.  Then I was supposed to go back for the second test...cystoscopy (I believe it is called) tiny probe camera thing is inserted up the urethra.  After my experience with first test ( wish I could remember name...I had bad burning from them taking that thing in and out and then having to go in some bucket to measure it) I chickened out on doing the other test. 


I just couldn't get past the idea of the second test being done in office awake!  I couldn't go thur with it....


Sorry this is long but can anyone tell me if they have this issue and how was that test done? did you get somewhat put under or local?  


I am thinking I will have to go back to see this doctor and start from the beginning but I am terrified of that other test!  


Can I request that they put me under to do that one??  


Edit to Add: the name of the test I had is called a Post Void Residual Test.

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

I am 67 and having problems.I can go to the bathroom.And when i get up.It drips on the floor.I have started wearing bladder pads.I was so embaressed at having to buy Bladder Pads.But better than walking around with wet pants.From what i have read its commom in older women.And i finally broke down and told my freind.She Said Honey i have been wearing bladder pads for a long time.

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

Go back to the doctor and explain your issues and youre apprehensioon and work with the doctor to determine the best way to get the tests done.


My mom has this issue and my sister has been taking her in to get the tests done, but I don't know all of the details about how the testing is done. But I do know they won't be able to effectively treat her without the tests.


That testing may be uncomfortable, but that discomfort will go away after the test. Going untested and untreated will only make things worse and that can create cumulative and prolonged problems that will be more uncomfortable than the testing. Get the testing over with.

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??



I have had all the tests you describe except for the ultrasounds, for similar reasons. The tests I went through were called Euro Dynamics at the time I had them. As you said, they lasted a long time with several different sized catheters used. Not the least bit enjoyable for sure.


Then after that I also had the Cystoscopy. Had bleeding for over a week after this long 1 test after the other. Results? A small and overactive bladder. 


There is now not a day that goes by where I do not drink at least a gallon of water. One my skating days, I drink half a gallon just at the ice rink in 2 hours. Come home and drink a quart of an electrolyte fluid.


Do I "go" a lot? Of course, but the only time I suffered from dehydration was the 1st 26.2 Marathon I ran. It started at 6am and the temperature was 82° and the humidity was 90%. My BUN and Creatine numbers have never been a cause for concern.


Every symptom you mention I have been dealing with for years, and 2 different Urologists came up with the same conclusions. I have learned to deal with it, and at times when it is everything, but convenient.


Not much else I can add except, I wish you well with this issue.





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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

Yes, I have an anatomical anomaly that causes that.  I had a cystoscopic when my age wasn't in the double digits yet, and I was put under for it.  Of course that was long ago, and I was a child.


The problem I had for years was that I was much more likely to get a UTI, since the issue caused fluid accumulation that could lead to bacterial growth.  So yes, I have always been conscious of drinking lots of water in order to keep things "flushed", even though that in and of itself caused the problem you and I both seem to have had.  Necessary, though.


Funny thing, it seems that with all things in life being equal, meaning gravity continues it's downward pull, the problem for me is less pronounced, now.  The anatomy which was tipped up is now less so.  This sag I like.


It's been helpful for me to know, as I have been able to explain my bathroom habits if necessary.

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??



Talk to your Dr. about this, Insurance or Medicare may not pay for this procedure being done under general anesthesia if it's not generally required/approved for this procedure.

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

@tsavorite, I have had the first test you described and also  quite a few cystoscopies. One cystoscopy was under anethesia where they found I had interstitial cystitis. They have to fill the bladder with water to the point of it being uncomfortable so they cannot do it in- office.


Please do not be afraid of an in-office cystoscopy. They make sure you are comfortable with medication that goes directly into the bladder before performing the procedure. There will be a screen where you can watch the entire procedure and you will get a much clearer idea of why you are having difficulty. Sometimes you may even have a uterine fibroid that can cause frequency/inability to void properly, not having anything to do with interstitial cystitis. Or you may have a low grade infection where a urine culture will show bacteria you didn't even know you had. An antibiotic can take care of it. There are a myriad of reasons why you may not be able to empty your bladder. Sometimes disorders of the nervous system from diabetes, MS so many that only a board certified urologist will know the answer. Anything I post or anyone else here is speculative.


Good luck to you and please, please do not be afraid of a cystoscopy. You will get an answer and peace of mind. Let us know how things work out.

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

I will start with my husband .. who was diagnosed with what they

call " a lazy bladder " ... it lacked the elasticity to empty fully ....

He now cathatorizes himself ... he can go about 6 hours without

going ....that being said .. there is a little leaking if he bends over

to pick things up .... but as the dr., said there are millions of people

who cath themselves ...for what ever reason ....


I am having a frequent having to urinate problem ....I can go to

the bathroom in the night and by the time I get back to the bed

I have to go again .. but I attribute this to diabetes ...


Twenty years ago .. I went in for the tests you mention .. no cystosomy ..

but I had my bladder put in a mesh sling attached to my backbone ..

it has worked out great for me ....However after the surgery .. and they

teach you this in the office before the surgery .. how to cathaterize

yourself after surgery as your bladder temporarily shuts down ...

it was a piece of cake ....


Don't know what you can take away from this ... but good luck ....

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

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@Sweetbay magnoliaare you referring to the tipping of the uterus?  Mine is anteverted...toward the bladder....where as retoverted tips back toward the colon.  I am wondering if this plays a role or not?  


Thanks for sharing your story!  


I am 55 now and meno for 3yrs....but this has been going on for much longer....after having my kids...late 30's to early 40's....I just kept thinking I must have a small bladder!  But that wasn't noted on my ultrasound.


After reading some can have nerve damage that causes this too....guess I can thank my kids for that one too? LOL!Woman Mad

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Re: Incomplete Urinary Emptying....Anyone??

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I have problems with number 1 and number 2. It's the scleroderma that has gone to my internal parts, including my bladder, urethra, rectum and large bowel. My internal tissue has become stiff, less flexible and thick with excess collagen fibers. Sometimes I leak from both places and sometimes I can't go at all. Imagine a garden hose that has lost it's flexibility or a balloon that can only be blown up to a certain point...yup that's what my insides are like. There's some pain, too, but I've become accustomed to that part...just not the incontinence part...Smiley Tongue


Oh and I won't go into the lady parts thing...that's another story.