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Re: If you take a medication that causes dry mouth/dry throat - how do you handle it?

Thank you everyone, more great ideas.


Also I found a good solution for the dry eyes - my eye doc recommended Blink Tears Lubricating eye drops for day. For night these are the best - 


Systane Gel Drops


You have to put them in right before bed - they coat the eyes so well you won't be able to read or watch TV. But no more dry eyes waking me up at night.


I also increased my daily ProMega to include a second one before bed, eliminated alcohol mouthwash, and switched to tom's natural toothpaste. With lots of water and hot tea, it is getting more tolerable. I keep water and Ricola drops on the nightstand because I still have not found the Biotene spray.


Thanks again! Smiley Happy