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About a year ago I posted about a mass found in my lung during a yearly lung scan.Next step was a pet scan that showed the mass had shrunk a bit. A 3 month follow up lung scan showed it had shrunk again. Fast forward to last week and another lung scan. The mass is still shrinking. I want to thank you all for the prayers you sent me along the way. I'm hoping for this to continue in the right direction.

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Great news!  Happy New Year!

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Awesome news to start the new year. Congratulations!

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@catter70    Did you have some sort of treatment that caused it to shrink?  Yes, that certainly is good news.

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I am happy that the mass continues to shrink.


I will pray that you continue to improve!


Happy New Year and remember, when there is little else, there is always hope.

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@Kachina624 , no, I've had no treatment at all because it started shrinking on it's own. I go to my pulmonologist next week and see what he thinks. The radiologist comment was to just keep an eye on it. Not sure yet if I'll still need to get a biopsy.

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Good news for sure, thanks for posting,

Happy wednesday



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Went through a similar situation after my 1st heart attack in 2003, which was accompanied with Aspiration Pneumonia. The nodule on my Right Lung did not appear until around 2008. Heart Attack #2 was in 2007.


I was having Ultrasounds every 3 months at the start. The nodule started decreasing in size on it's own. At some point my Ultrasounds were reduced to every 6 months, then to annually. Over time it diminished on it's own without any treatment.


Hopefully the same holds true for you. I know your feeling, and am very happy for you.


hckynut 🇺🇸

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Very good news.  Keep up with your doctor's appointments.  

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Wonderful news!!

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