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I p!an to get my flu shot in early October. By then the new version of Pfizer's covid shot should be available so I will get that at the same time.

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I will get min mid-late September and if the next Covid Booster is out will schedule that 2 weeks later.  I know they say its ok to get them both at the same time but I am not buying that. I will do them 2 weeks apart


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Flu activity is known to peak between December and February. I've only had the flu twice in my lifetime, both times in February.


A time where I would see more patients coming into the hospital ill, too. Likely where I contracted it. Although we all know flu can happen at any time during the flu season, there are peaks.


With my own, end of season experiences twice, I try to avoid taking the vaccine too early. I want the vaccine to still provide good coverage in Jan/Feb. I'll get mine late Sept, or Oct. 



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 I am going to pass this year.  

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How many shots can a person get????


Apparently it has become a National Past time.  How many?  Maybe dozens it seems.

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I was in pharmacy today and didn't see any banners or signs like they usually have; I usually get mine in October

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Just checked my datebook and we got our flu shots last year October 10. Will probably do the same next month. Too early now

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DH and I got our flu shots yesterday; we plan on getting new Covid booster for latest variant in 2-3 weeks as we are scheduled to go to big family wedding ( several few at risk family members) in late October. We've had every booster offered in a timely manner and so far no Covid.

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Re: Flu shot time

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I'm getting my flu shot tomorrow. My Walgreens just got the updated covid booster (also called 'target' booster) so I will be getting that one at the same time as the flu shot.