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@Halo117 - I’m so sorry that you’re facing this with your mom.


We’ve used hospice twice, first with my mom and then my dad. We actually used inpatient (is that the right word?) hospice for both.


My mom was in hospice for almost 6 weeks. My dad was only there for about 17 hours. 


We were just really glad and thankful to be able to use their services. 


This is such a diffcult and sad time for your family.  Take care.  

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You have my sympathies as well.  I remember how difficult it was to deal with all the decisions and emotions when my father was at his end of life.  


He was put in-facility hospice.  He was in such intense pain that he needed to be medicated beyond what could be done at home.  Those people were God-sent.  Every single one of them was an angel.  They treated him like a baby—much better than we could have ourselves.  My mother was in shock and they helped her almost as much as my father. 


I highly recommend hospice.  

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I'm so sorry for what you're going through!  My prayers to you and your family!  I only wish I had consulted with the Hospice people when my mother passed.  She did pass while in the hospital but I had to make that final decision to let her go.  I was a total mess for two weeks straight afterwards questioning who was I to pull the plug and crying nonstop.  Had I had Hospice I believe I would have handled this experience much better.  My sister told me I wasn't the one to pull the plug.  It was the nurse who did it.  Did I feel any better?  No.

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Re: Experience with Hospice

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We used them for my husbands aunt who passed away in January. They were great. They were always available day or night when we called. We were so grateful for all their help we donated almost everything from her apartment to their thrift store.

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@Halo117 Hospice is a wonderful organization.  They will know how to keep your Mom as comfortable as possible.  Prayers for peace and strength to you and your family.

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@Halo117 So sorry about your mother, as it is hard to see our mom go thru something like that.


My mother had hospice for one week prior to passing away last month at the age of 100.  She died of cardiac arrest due to congestive heart disease.


Our experience with hospice was absolutely the best. When they were called because mom was becoming agitated or in pain, they came right over and administered anxiety medication and/or morphine, depending upon what was needed. All we asked was that she have whatever was needed to keep her comfortable.


The day she died, they had given her the anxiety medication and within an hour she was very relaxed, breathing easily, and was sleeping. The nurse left to take care of some things and when she returned shortly thereafter, mom had passed away. We were so thankful it was peaceful for her.


I highly recommend hospice, not only because of our experience but because of the experiences of several friends of mine who had the same wonderful care from hospice for their loved ones.


I asked my sister what it cost after she had signed the papers with hospice, and she said it didn't cost at all. I am not sure if Medicare takes care of it or if it was our mother's long-term medical insurance. But we never had to write a check out for their services.

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@World Traveler 


Medicare covers hospice.


My father was in a religious-based facility that was (honestly) like a five star hotel.  We never got a bill for one cent.  The family did send donations after my father passed because we all were just so impressed with everything they had done for us.



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@geezerette Thanks for clarifying that. It was a relief to not have another bill to pay, but had we needed to do that, it would have been well worth it after seeing how well they worked with her.


We didn't know they took donations. I will talk with my sister about that, as we are still working on paying her bills, disposing of her things,  and closing her various accounts.

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Re: Experience with Hospice

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@Halo117 Experienced hospice with both my parents.  Both agencies were great...very compassionate.  I live far from my parents, but I did have health care power of attorney so I was consulted on everything.  Highly suggest that is in place...!!!

My Dad was on hospice several months but my Mom was on it for much longer.  She also had dementia and could be  difficult/combative.  The hospice staff was amazing in both situations.  I want to add I respected hospice so much that when my brother passed I called the hospice social worker and asked her and my moms aide to deliver the news...they were that close and that trusted. The social worker  dropped everything and went right over to be with my mom (Dad had passed several months earlier), I think that speaks volumes.   I called her rather than a niece, nephew etc!  Forever grateful to not hesitate but also know you probably have a choice of which agency and there are differences.  Hospice workers are committed as they could make more money anywhere else.  Their compassion, training and committment are a true blessing.

I know how difficult this time is for you.  Wishing love & compassion.  Know hospice will ease you moms transition, medically and emotionally.


 @World Traveler   hospice is grateful for donations.  I set up annual donations to my Dad's hospice and after my mom passed they used the donation to buy flags for all the veteran on their service.  It broke my hearrt to think they could only buy those because of a donation...funds are tight!


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Those who work through Hospice are angels walking the earth.  Do not hesitate.  You will be grateful for the compassion that is shown to your sweet Mom and you and your grieving family. I am so sorry you are losing your Mom.  Sending blessings to all